10 Ideas to Help You Stay Motivated

I often wonder what motivates us to stay productive. It’s one thing to produce a positive result and yet another to consistently repeat that positive action. Only motivation, which comes from two sources, can keep us consistent.

1. Our own internal drive, self-talk and attitude. How we speak to and treat ourselves affects what we are able to accomplish.

2. External influence from family, friends, leaders and other people we look up to or hold in high regard. The advice or guidance we receive from others affects what we feel about ourselves and our capabilities.

The question is, what direction does the motivation take us in? One that leads to positive, productive results or not. It is up to us to very intentionally make adjustments to what we allow into our thoughts/minds. We must make decisions about that kind of talk we entertain and learn to discard negative thoughts or words.

Below are 10 thought-provoking ideas I feel lead us in the right direction.

1. Showing up is largely a result of self-motivation.

Absolutely! If we don’t motivate ourselves to get moving it’s harder to show up or be present during our normal daily activities. Our motivation should discard any negative feelings that prevent us from showing up to meet our commitments.

2. A positive attitude fuels inner drive.

Try it! There’s no doubt that when we’re positive, we get more done with less effort.

3. There’s power in words. We should speak positively about ourselves and others.

Words are powerful when used right they motivate and encourage. We must always consider the result or outcome of our words before we speak.

4. Self-discipline over a period of time yields desired results.

There are tougher challenges in pursuing self-discipline than we realize. The results however are powerful and priceless – let’s stay focused.

5. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long the tunnel.

There will be moments when we are tried and tested personally and professionally. We have to focus on where we need to be, our finish line, in order to stay motivated and productive while going through the tunnel.

6. We know we are motivated when we consistently go the extra mile.

Internal motivation coupled by the external push from supporters and those who cheer us on fuels us to keep going.

7. Creativity helps build confidence & ownership.

Thinking outside the box and curiosity drives us to greater heights.

8. To be productive and efficient we must stay informed.

Having the right information at the right time motivates us to pursue our goals. We must seek and desire to gain the knowledge consistently.

9. We experience greater satisfaction when our work speaks for itself.

Actions speak louder than words. The results of the action we take to back up our words keeps us motivated. “Well done is better than well said.” ~Benjamin Franklin

10. We are motivated by leaders that are authentic and engaged.

It’s important to form relationships and/or follow leaders that motivate us to be better. Strive for excellence.

Source by Njanja Mathu Gakuru

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