10 Minute Kettlebell Snatch (and Swing) Cardio Workout

Last week on a variety day (I’m currently doing the ROP from the ETK program), I took Dan John’s recommendation from ETK and ‘invented a workout’; I sort of just ‘free flowed’ and rotated through different kettlebell moves for 10 minutes, taking as little rest as possible between exercises.

It turned out, somewhat by chance, to be a great cardio session. I actually ended up using the workout during one of my kettlebell boot camp classes this week, and the group loved it!

So here’s how to perform my 10 minute kettlebell Snatch and Swing cardio workout:

  • You’ll need three different sized kettlebells to do this one; one for two-hand Swings, one for one hand and hand-to-hand Swings, and one for Snatches.
  • Start by performing 10 two hand Kettlebell Swings with your heaviest weight.
  • Move to the middle weight. Perform five one hand Kettlebell Swings on each side with this weight followed by 10 total hand-to hand kettlebell Swings with this same weight.
  • Finish the circuit by performing five Snatches on each side with the lightest weight.
  • Rest about 10-15 seconds, then start back with the two hand Swings.
  • Repeat this sequence with as little rest as possible continuously for 10 minutes.

This workout might look easy on paper, but if you give it your all and use appropriate weights, trust me, it’s not:)

That’s it for this Kettlebell Snatch and Swing cardio workout. This is a great workout to do on one of your ‘variety’ days – or even just in lieu of one of your regular cardio workouts. Train hard and train smart!

Source by Forest Vance

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