10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 29

1. It is only fair and just to make your intentions known and clear upfront and not mislead others by hidden motives and agendas. Let decisions be made based on the truth in its original state than on falsehoods.

2. I have no control over the thoughts and intents of others. I do however have control and total responsibility over what I think and do. I have little control over the weather outcomes outside my house, I have control over the effects of the weather on my health.

3. It is the unnecessary fights of the influential minority that cause untold suffering of the innocent majority. Minor issues can become major sources of disappointment and frustration. There are issues to fight for and some to laugh about. When you confuse the two, you misdirect your energy and mental capacity in endless debates.

4. People will despise you, misunderstand and take you for granted; love them regardless. They are simply being human. Even when they seek to decimate your humanity and make you a piece of history; show them the other side of humanity which is tolerance, justice, fairness and candid talk.

5. Inside the core of every living human being is the code that gives one the desire to lead and be led. Likewise there is the realization that one’s existence is primarily for the purpose of relationship and a sense of community. Individualism has never been the reason for development but it is when individuals come together to share, lead and be led that evidence of positive growth is seen.

6. It matters not the circumstances you were born into; the important thing to note is that it was never a mistake or a mere coincidence. No one could have lived your life better than you have done. As far as it depends on you, preserve your life and that of others. Make the best of the opportunity to live that you have with no regrets.

7. Desiring to be like another person or clamoring for the mandate and purpose of another person is a sure way to accumulate confusion upon your life. Your destiny and fulfillment is tightly woven to your participation in what you were created to do. Everything else is just frustration.

8. A tune is melodious to the level of willingness of those playing it to never overshadow others and steal the limelight. When there is harmony and understanding, the product is much more harmonious and worth your while to listen to. The struggle for supremacy and dominance scuttles the overall rating of the tune.

9. No one knows you better than you know yourself. If that is the case, you should never waste time seeking the approval of others on what you know you can do so well. Just stand up and workout your intentions, wake up and act on the dreams.

10. I wish I could promise you that there are easier roads to success. I wouldn’t dare do that as it would dent my integrity. There is no such thing. There is however one promise I can give you; As long as you have a level of focus, evidence of determination and a daring ambition, you will experience success.

Source by Rabison Shumba

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