10 Tips on How to Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Uncontrolled increased blood sugar levels can lead to a condition such as diabetes. People can lower their risk of developing diabetes through exercise and healthy diet. Although insulin and oral medication can help control elevation of blood sugar, eating a healthy food is still the best way to remain healthy.  Here are some healthy tips to lower your blood sugar level:

  1. Regular Exercise. Stay fit and active by taking a regular exercise to help lower blood sugar and help the immune system fight off infections. Regular exercise also regulates cholesterol level and prevents weight increase.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water. Drink at least eight glasses of water everyday. Water dilutes the blood and flush out sugar from the blood.
  3. Gymnema Ayurvedic herbs. It has the ability to lower the blood glucose, glycosylated hemoglobin, and glycosylated plasma proteins in patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes.
  4. Proper medication and care.
  5. Low-glycemic food. Helps lower blood sugar because they are digested more slowly by the body. Example of low-glycemic foods are fruits such as orange, pear, apple, oat, peanuts, and beans.
  6. Cinnamon. It contains compounds that help make insulin more efficient, improving the hormone’s ability to bring glucose to the cells that needs it. You can have a dash of cinnamon in your coffee or juice or by simply boiling sticks of cinnamon and use it as a tea.
  7. Onions, raw or cooked. They reduce the sugar levels in blood. The more onions are eaten, the faster it helps lower blood glucose.
  8. High fiber diet. Vegetables can be eaten raw, since fiber content does not allow fats and blood glucose to deposit in the blood flow.
  9. Beans. They are rich in protein but low in starch that helps decrease diabetes urine sugar.
  10. Ampalaya or Bitter Melon. The single most promising plant/herb for diabetes today because of its anti-diabetic property. Studies suggest that ampalaya contains a hypoglycemic polypeptide, a plain insulin responsible for its blood sugar lower effect.  Eating ampalaya is very healthy and has so many beneficial components that we need to make our body healthy and free from being diabetic.

Source by Dr. Eswararamanan VR

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