10 Effectively-Recognized Hangover Cures That Dont Truly Work

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That is the dehydration concept, bumped up a degree. If you happen to had been dehydrated from being out within the warmth too lengthy, you’d be low on each hydration and electrolytes. So electrolyte-containing drinks like Gatorade and Pedialyte sound like they need to assist, proper? If you happen to’ve been throwing up lots, they is perhaps soothing.

Pedialyte additionally has that “sick little one being taken care of in a medically sound method” vibe, despite the fact that there’s no mommy and no physician concerned, simply your drunk ass self-medicating at a comfort retailer on the best way residence from the bar. However, identical to water, Pedialyte and different electrolyte-containing drinks can solely tackle the dehydration, not the underlying hangover.

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