100 Casino/Poker/Gambling Pbn Backlinks on high authority sites for $60

100 Casino/Poker/Gambling Pbn Backlinks on high authority sites

100 Top Quality SEO PBN Backlinks Offer For Poker / Gambling / Casino Websites

All domains have avg Da Pa TF Cf 20+

Here is Detail what you Will get:

All Links are Dofollow, Permanent, homepage Links and auto indexed

Perfect Contextual backlinks


Article include in this gig FREE which will be generated from Article Forge

100% manual Article Submission

All PBN are Self Hosted No Resell

Like Other sellers, I am not using any Robot or Automation service for Article Submission. All Links URL and title and content will be different.

Why choose Me?

  • Zero Footprints
  • No Loss – Only Gain
  • My aim is for Quality, not for quantity
  • Unique IPs for each site.
  • No interlink between sites.
  • 1 URL and 10 KW (max diversity for Ranking)


Q: Do you provide work report?

A: Yes we deliver every order with a detailed report

Q: All of Pbn Backlinks are Permanent?

A: Yes all Backlinks are lifetime permanent

Q: Do you accept gambling, Casino, Judi Bola,Poker related websites?

A: Yes this Gig is specially created fr gambling, casino & Poker Sites

Q: How many URLs and keywords are allowed ?

A: You can provide as many as you want!

Q: Do you accept foreign keywords?

A: Yes we accept all types/languages keywords

Q: Is this a onetime fee?

A: Yes it is!

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