100% Silk Or 100% Microfiber Neckties

When you consider what has been traditionally viewed as cool and stylish, materials like microfiber and polyester have been somewhat condemned as the fabric least chosen. Italian silk has been at the pinnacle of fashion savvy individuals the world over. Just ask anyone from the jet-set crowd and you get a cold condescending stare if you try and suggest anything else. When you choose a fine necktie from one of the major fashion houses you’ll no doubt have a very slim choice in materials, if any. That however is changing if only quietly. No one is screaming at the top of their lungs ” Hey guys we are using a lot of microfiber these days” Yet that is what is happening.

Fashion houses like Dolce and Gabana has a range of microfibre ties that have quietly been mixed in with their %100 Italian silks and nobody is saying anything. I personally don’t mind Microfibre. Unlike silk, you can wash it (I wouldn’t throw it the washing machine on full cycles) and they don’t seem to snag as easily as Silk ties. But lets face it, a lot of people reading this article are going to give themselves and aneurism if they try and change their minds about what has been their personal tradition in regard to silk ties. Just look at the care label at the back of most of the “skinny ties” on the market today, regardless of brand. You’ll probably see something that reads – 100% Microfiber. Don’t have a panic attack. It still looks great….right? So why all the fuss.

I would suggest the next time you go shopping, pick out a tie that you really like, something you just have to have. Then look at the care label on the small end and if by some miracle you see that this wonderful piece of work has been constructed with the dreaded Microfiber, have a change of heart. Embrace the change and accept that sometimes beauty comes in a form that you would not have sought out normally. Besides you don’t have to broadcast it. The major fashion houses don’t.

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