17 Occasions Individuals Disrespected Vegemite And Acquired Schooled For It

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hear people if that is how a lot vegemite yall are placing in your toast its no marvel yall dont prefer it


simply as soon as, i want people would attempt vegemite the suitable approach
like watching them slap a large chunk on an unbuttered piece of toast makes me wanna attain by my display screen & slap them


see i respect ur opinion on vegemite if u have eaten it correctly. if u have smothered it on like Nutella or eaten it straight from the jar then i can’t settle for ur opinions. its not that tough to place the TINIEST bit on and unfold onto buttered toast. psa over


i get very upset when i take into consideration how vegemite has a moderm stigma trigger of usa citizens who ate a spoon of it. let me simply eat a spoon of salt ew wtf salt sucks!!!


i really feel like i have to make a tutorial on find out how to eat vegemite accurately and the ratio of butter:vegemite when having in on toast as a result of i’m sick of usa citizens lathering up their bread prefer it’s fucking NUTELLA


what number of instances do australians want to inform people in the event that they’re gonna attempt vegemite to place it on buttered toast? y’all actually don’t take heed to anybody do ya


ready for the day when individuals exterior of australia realise that you simply don’t eat a complete fucking spoon filled with vegemite to attempt it


I’m carried out with Individuals making an attempt vegemite by the fcking spoon. LIKE DAMN SPREAD THAT BITCH OVER SOME FRESH TOAST AND BUTTER OH AND PS, mild unfold nothing heavy :) u fking weirdos


It’s very upsetting that non-Australians eat Vegemite fallacious after which are outraged that we eat it. BITCH, PUT IT ON FRESH CRUSTY BREAD WITH A LOT OF BUTTER.


What number of goddamn instances do we now have to inform y’all Individuals that you simply don’t eat Vegemite or Marmite with a spoon


I hate it when Individuals attempt vegemite for the primary time. They at all times put it on a spoon straight up, and say “Ew it is so salty how does anybody eat that” and I am like UM what else is salty: SALT however you dont go consuming it on an enormous spoon how IRRESPONSIBLE


pet peeve #557: when people “attempt vegemite” by consuming a spoonful of it like an fool as a substitute of consuming it correctly

it is not a ramification like peanut butter ya drongos it is meant for use sparingly and diluted with butter. you dont eat salt by the spoonful


-Appears to be like on the movies of “Individuals attempt Vegemite”-


American: “Oh gawd that is foul!”

“No shit, you are solely supposed to make use of possibly 1/4th of that. You need to burn your tastebuds off?”


Each time Individuals attempt vegemite they at all times use like three spoonfuls on a chunk of bread???? Like do you need to hate it???? Why would you do this????


The explanations Individuals don’t like Vegemite is as a result of once they attempt it they’ve a spoonfull/put an excessive amount of on their bread
Vegemiting is a positive and particular artwork


Everytime someone exterior of oz “Tries Vegemite for the primary time!!” And eats it off a spoon or like a traditional toast unfold, an Australian dies

FYI for the non-Australians studying this, one of the best ways to eat Vegemite is to get a chunk of toast, slather it with butter after which scrape it evenly (emphasis on the LIGHTLY) with Vegemite.

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