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We’re less than a month away from the official beginning of the 2020 Primaries and Caucuses! 50 states, 5 territories, the District of Colombia, and voters living abroad will be participating in caucuses and elections between early February and early June as part of the lead up to November in order to determine which candidate will represent the Republican and Democratic parties.

Democratic contests will be held in all 56 locations (as well as abroad), but Republican contests have been cancelled in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Kansas, Nevada, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Registration deadlines, voting/caucus procedures and dates vary from place to place, so we have put together this table to help you find out more information about how, where, and when you can participate. Follow the links for location-specific details and note the information regarding party-switching deadlines and caucus types at the bottom of the table.

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State/TerritoryTypeD PrimaryR PrimaryDeadline*Registration
AlabamaOpen Primary03/0303/0302/15SOS guide
AlaskaSemi-Closed Primary04/04N/A02/19SOS guide
American SamoaCaucus03/03N/A02/02SOS guide
ArizonaSemi-Closed Primary03/1704/2502/18D, 04/25RSOS guide
ArkansasOpen Primary03/0303/0302/04SOS guide
CaliforniaSemi-Closed Primary03/0303/0302/17SOS guide
ColoradoSemi-Closed Primary03/0303/03SDSOS guide
ConnecticutClosed Primary04/2804/2804/231SOS guide
DelawareClosed Primary04/2804/2804/04SOS guide
Democrats AbroadPrimary03/03-03/10N/ASDSOS guide
District of ColumbiaClosed Primary06/02N/ASDSOS guide
FloridaClosed Primary03/1703/1702/18SOS guide
GeorgiaOpen Primary03/2403/2402/24SOS guide
GuamCaucus05/02N/A04/22SOS guide
HawaiiClosed Primary (D), Caucus (R)04/0403/1003/05SOS guide
IdahoClosed Primary03/1003/10SDSOS guide
IllinoisOpen Primary03/1703/17SDSOS guide
IndianaOpen Primary05/0505/0504/06SOS guide
IowaSemi-Closed Caucus02/0302/03SDSOS guide
KansasSemi-Closed Primary05/02N/A04/11SOS guide
KentuckyClosed Primary05/1905/1904/20SOS guide
LouisianaSemi-Closed Primary04/0404/0403/15SOS guide
MaineClosed Primary03/0303/03SDSOS guide
MarylandClosed Primary04/2804/2804/23SOS guide
MassachusettsSemi-Closed Primary03/0303/0302/12SOS guide
MichiganOpen Primary03/1003/10SDSOS guide
MinnesotaOpen Primary03/0303/03SDSOS guide
MississippiOpen Primary03/1003/1002/09SOS guide
MissouriOpen Primary03/1003/1002/12SOS guide
MontanaOpen Primary06/0206/02SDSOS guide
NebraskaSemi-Closed Primary05/1205/1204/24SOS guide
NevadaClosed Caucus02/2202/2502/03SOS guide
New HampshireSemi-Closed Primary02/1102/11SDSOS guide
New JerseySemi-Closed Primary06/0206/0205/123SOS guide
New MexicoClosed Primary06/0206/0205/05SOS guide
New YorkClosed Primary04/2804/2804/034SOS guide
North CarolinaSemi-Open Primary03/0303/03SDSOS guide
North DakotaOpen Primary03/1003/10SDSOS guide***
Northern MarianaSemi-Open Caucus03/14N/A01/14SOS guide
OhioSemi-Open Primary03/1703/1702/16SOS guide
OklahomaSemi-Closed Primary**03/0303/0302/07SOS guide
OregonSemi-Closed Primary05/1905/1904/28SOS guide
PennsylvaniaClosed Primary04/2804/2804/13SOS guide
Puerto RicoPrimary06/0703/0802/08SOS guide
Rhode IslandSemi-Closed Primary04/2804/2803/29SOS guide
South CarolinaOpen Primary02/29N/A01/26SOS guide
South DakotaSemi-Closed Primary**06/0206/0205/18SOS guide
TennesseeOpen Primary03/0303/0302/02SOS guide
TexasOpen Primary03/0303/0302/02SOS guide
UtahSemi-Closed Primary**03/0303/03SDSOS guide
VermontOpen Primary03/0303/03SDSOS guide
VirginiaOpen Primary03/03N/A02/10SOS guide
Virgin IslandsCaucus06/06N/A05/07SOS guide
WashingtonOpen Primary03/1003/10SDSOS guide
West VirginiaSemi-Closed Primary05/1205/1204/21SOS guide
WisconsinOpen Primary04/0704/07SDSOS guide
WyomingClosed Caucus04/04N/ASDSOS guide

SD – same day registration available for participants.

*Date given is the latest possible registration date for any form of registration – online, in-person, mail. Please consult the following list for deadlines of each form of registration, where applicable: https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-register-to-vote-when-to-register-deadlines

**The Democratic Primary is open to unaffiliated voters whereas the Republican Primary is not.

***North Dakota does not track party or voter registration.

1 – Connecticut’s deadline to switch parties is January 28.

2 – Delaware’s deadline to switch parties is February 28.

3 – New Jersey’s deadline to switch parties is April 8.

4 – New York’s deadline to switch parties is February 14.

Primary/Caucus TypeMeaning
OpenVoters can vote in either party’s primary irrespective of voter affiliation (which in many cases the state might not even keep track of party registration at all).
Semi-OpenVoters only declare which party primary they participate in at the voting booth.
ClosedVoters must vote in the party that they are registered with.
Semi-ClosedRegistered voters may only vote in the party they are registered with, but unaffiliated voters may participate in either party’s primary.

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