21 Instances The Web Roasted The Disney Villains

“If I have been a Disney villain, I might not sing my evil plan out loud for the whole world to listen to.”

Disney villains — we love them, we hate them, and we like to hate them. Oh, and we additionally like to snort at memes about them.

Listed below are a number of the greatest that can depart you craving a Disney marathon:


if I have been a Disney villain I might merely not sing my evil plan out loud for the whole world to listen to.


The attention-grabbing factor about Gaston is that he is objectively a greater individual than Beast as a result of he does not KIDNAP Belle.


*shouting from a megaphone* Ursula from The Little Mermaid did nothing unsuitable!! She set the phrases of a contract, Ariel signed, after which anticipated that contract to be fulfilled!


the dude in 101 dalmatians actually lucked out that her title was cruella de vil trigger a music known as like “wendy jones is a bitch” would not be as a cute


mom gothel didn’t sing “mom is aware of greatest” and dr facilier didn’t sing “buddies on the opposite aspect” so that you can name this the very best disney villain music https://t.co/NOx7pDpOxD


The rationale Ursula took Ariel’s voice was as a result of she was warning Ariel that marrying a person means shedding your freedom of speech on this essay I’ll-


if jafar had merely paid aladdin pretty for his companies slightly than backstabbing him he may’ve had it ALL within the first 20 minutes of the film.

pay 👏 your 👏 freelancers


i put up with y’all desirous to fuck pennywise and the joker however the place tf is that vitality for maleficent


peter pan: welcome to neverland the place everybody’s a child

me: who’s that man

peter pan: that is captain hook

me: why is not he a child

peter pan: wHy iSn’T hE a KiD shut the fuck up


Aladdin: tips Jafar, probably the most evil individual he is aware of, into changing himself into an omnipotent genie

additionally Aladdin: frees a genie with out asking something about his backstory


the very best Disney villains are oogie boogie, dr facilier, maleficent, ursula, hades, and scar and that’s THAT


“Mirror, mirror, on the wall..
Couch, couch, on the nook..
Desk, desk, over there..” – Snow White’s Queen redecorating the room.


I strive to not get political on twitter, however cinderella’s step mother was an actual piece of shit


PETER PAN: we meet once more, Captain Hook

CAPTAIN HOOK: effectively effectively well– wait u guys name me Hook?


CAPTAIN HOOK: due to the hand?

PETER PAN: …i am sorr-

CAPTAIN HOOK: wow okay hey my dads useless too why not name me captain useless dad


Me as a toddler: I wish to be a Disney princess once I develop up!

Me as an grownup: Ohmygod I’ve develop into a Disney villain

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