24 Questions About Widespread First Names That Will Maintain You Up At Evening

Posted 16 minutes in the past

The next is a listing of bizarre and generally silly questions on folks’s names. Some are extra legitimate than others, however significantly, somebody inform me how the nickname for “Margaret” is “Peggy”?!?!


Why does nobody name folks named Benjamin “Jamin”? That’s a manner cooler title than “Ben”


i’ll by no means perceive why folks named william have the nickname invoice it makes no fucking sense


I’ve by no means understood why “Stephen” is pronounced like “Steven” and never “Stefan”. I see why folks discover English so complicated


Why do not folks named Wil(liam) use the title Liam for a nick title? However they use Billy?


if folks named Patricia could be Trish, why aren’t folks named Patrick additionally known as Trick


why are folks named Samantha all the time have the nickname of “Sam” as a substitute of “Mantha”

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