25 “The Vampire Diaries” Jokes For Anybody Who Is aware of It is A Teen TV Masterpiece

You are an actual TVD fan in the event you weep over “Skinny Love” by Birdy.


Who remembers in season 6 of the Vampire Diaries when Bonnie and Damon obtained caught on the opposite aspect and their each day routine was get up make pancakes go to the retailers and do crosswords and it was the identical day again and again, life be feeling like that not too long ago

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A honeslty blame vampire diaries for giving me such an unrealistic expectation of affection like all a need is a stunnin vampire boyfriend that wid rip the pinnacle off of anybody who even appears at me the flawed method ?

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bear in mind when tvd did a a flashback to the time when stefan and damon had been children, employed a child actor to play stefan however let ian somerhalder play 15 yo damon and thought we’d purchase that? isiwjejwkejjef clowns

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why do boys become their soccer tops to only sit in entrance of the telly to observe the sport ahahah a don’t stick a pair a fangs on when am watching the vampire diaries

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Stefan: “I gave Damon the treatment, after which I died—“

📍 Elena:
| _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
📍*giving a shit* |
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _|
📍”So Damon is okay??”

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stefan out right here dwelling a depressing life because the ripper to SAVE damon and elena’s lives however the two of them are simply flirting behind his again 24/7 they don’t have any respect

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stefan killing enzo was probably the most pointless issues to ever occur and never even as a result of I care that a lot about enzo however as a result of bonnie bennett has sacrificed her happiness for everybody so many occasions that it’s simply HER TURN TO BE HAPPY

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The most effective exhibits which are on Netflix

25. You
24. Can’t
23. Rank
22. Netflix
21. Exhibits
20. They
19. Are
18. Nice
17. In
16. Their
15. Personal
14. Distinctive
13. Methods
12. It
11. Is
10. Inconceivable
9. To
8. Evaluate
7. All
6. Of
5. Them
4. Collectively
3. On
2. Greatness
1. The Vampire Diaries

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