3 Best Tips For Designer Sunglasses Care

Designer sunglasses are not exactly the cheapest of things in the world. Their expensive designs, sophisticated looks and high quality make them comparable to a luxury accessory. Extreme caution and care is required if you want to maintain the brand new look. One small mistake and you can end up with a scratched pair or do irreparable damage to the frames. Your investment and style will vanish in a puff. To avoid such a nightmare, it's important that you keep in mind these 3 tips for sunglass care:

Tip # 1 – Cleaning the sunglasses

Cleaning is the most important aspect of sunglass care. Regular cleaning not only assures you of a smudge-free vision but also ensures that your sunglasses look forever glossy. Always remember to at least moisten the lenses before cleaning, as wiping a dry surface can cause permanent scratches to your expensive designer sunglasses. A little bit of water and soap always helps. Also, using the wrong type of fabric can result in immeasurable damage viz. regularly use towels and tissues. An extremely soft cloth like chamois would serve the purpose admirably. If you have purchased a special cleaning solution for sunglasses, then using them would be a better option.

Tip # 2 – Proper storage and use

People tend to keep their personal belongings scattered in their rooms. Look around, can you see items like car-keys, pens and other pointed objects lying here and there? If that's the case, then you must make sure that you don't place your expensive sunglasses in their proximity even by mistake. A single touch can do irrevocable damage to the frames and lenses. To ensure such a disaster doesn't happen, a good idea would be to invest in a hard sunglass case. Not only will your designer sunglasses remain scratch-free, but their sleek and shiny looks will also be maintained. Besides, when you are going out, you may need to take off your sunglasses at some point. If you are carrying a case along, you can rest assured that your sunglasses will remain safe and secure in it, because keeping them in a purse or handbag is quite risky. One single bump can make your happiness short-lived.

Tip # 3 – Purchasing a sunglass care kit

Regular use can cause wear and tear of the sunglass frames. To maintain the brand-new look, an excellent option is to buy a sunglass care and cleaning kit from any designer eyewear boutique store. Most of the top brands like Ray-Ban and Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses give complimentary sunglass care kits on every purchase. You can also buy them from online stores as good discounts are available on nearly all the products. Remember, prevention is better than cure. Instead of waiting for a disaster to happen, you can safeguard your investment and avoid any heartburn later on.

Source by Stuart Wallace

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