3 Mouthwatering Recipes That Help You Win Your Weight Loss Challenge

Due to the unfortunate mushrooming of fast food joints, processed and packaged food, the average obesity rate around the world has increased drastically. In addition, due to our busy lifestyle; grab and go foods and packaged foods are our way to feed our families and ourselves.

While packaged and processed food, takeaway and delivery joints can be classified as the absolute comfort foods to satisfy our hunger, they are the real reason behind poor health, low energy levels and newly identified diseases.

Fighting the fast food and comfort food bandwagon can be quite a tough job, it gives you great health benefits and is just the right way to fight poor health and diseases and retain your wellness. Check out the following 3 amazing food combos that will help you lose weight effectively so you can successfully win your weight loss challenge.

1. Spinach and Feta Omelet with Brown Toast

Spinach is power packed with essential nutrients, especially iron and folic acid. Feta cheese tastes great; only a bit of it can add flavor to your dish; it also adds up to your daily calcium requirement. Eggs are rich in protein so can give you the right amount of energy to kick start your day. If you have the omelet with a fork, there’s nothing like it. However, add a slice of brown bread or multigrain bread to complete a protein and fiber rich breakfast.

Calories from omelet: 144

Calories from brown toast: 75

Total Calories: 219

2. Chicken Garden Salad with Lettuce, Rocket, Chestnut, Peas, Cherry Tomatoes

This amazing garden salad is rich in vitamins and protein. The greens in the salad are full of essential vitamins; they are high in volume and low in calories that satiates your hunger. To add to that, the steamed chicken cubes, chestnut with honey mustard and olive oil vinaigrette makes the perfect lunch meal that leaves you feeling fuller and happier.

Total calories: 350

3. Watermelon, Feta, Olives and Mint Salad

This perfect summer salad can speed up your weight loss and get you closer to winning your weight loss challenge. Watermelon is full of delicious goodness; it’s sweet and light and makes you feel full with insignificant calorie count. While the watermelon works to keep you hydrated and full, feta cheese and mint combine to give a zing to your salad. You may also add black or green seedless olives for an extra bit of deliciousness and more color to your meal bucket.

Total Calories: 160

The above mentioned recipes are surely delicious and the perfect treat for anyone on a weight loss journey. Make you weight loss fun and exciting with these recipes and fresh foods so you stay fit and lose weigh the healthy way. It’s vital to buy fresh ingredients that come directly from a farm to avoid any artificial flavors or preservatives. Eat farm fresh food so you remain healthy, happy and reach your weight loss goal effectively. Eat well to lose weight and win your weight loss challenge!

Source by Stella Finn

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