3 Ringtones That Will Boost Your Mood

Ringtone delivery continues to grow in popularity and selection. However,

how many times have you received an mp3 ringtone from your mobile phone only

to later realize the 30 – 45 second ringtone clip you end up with is not

your favorite part of the song. It can be a little frustrating.

This happened to me several months ago with one of my favorite songs “Walking on the Moon”

by The Police. I was hoping the ringtone clip would feature the chorus, but instead it

was from the verse. Sometimes I wonder who these people are that upload the ringtones and

how they choose the portion of the song the consumer gets. My best guess is they record track

times :31 – :60 seconds for the majority of the ringtones.

After some careful downloading, I’ve found 3 ringtones to boost your mood. To qualify

for this list, a ringtone must have the best part of the song within

it’s :30 – :45 second clip. It also must serve some uplifting purpose whether it be

through bringing back old memories, an energetic beat or simply a great song.

The Top 3:

3) Baby Got Back – Sir Mix A Lot: This track has a hot beat and always makes me laugh

when I recall what this song was about. Even funnier perhaps was the video for this song in which

giant buns seemingly 10 feet high filled the background. Imagine being the set designer for this

video shoot…

2) Super Mario Brothers Theme Song: The video game of my generation. Who hasn’t played Super Mario

Brothers for Nintendo? This theme song definitely brings back memories and was one of the most downloaded ringtones of 2006.

1) Bed’s Too Big Without You – The Police: A great reggae beat with a truly unique sound and the best part of the song got pulled into the ringtone. A rare occurrence, but those ringtone uploaders have to get it

right once in a while. Those in need of a stylish, unique ringtone that catches people’s attention need not

look any further. The “Bed’s Too Big Without You” is an uplifting song that enhances my mood every time I

hear it.

Source by Michael Greenberg

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