3 Simple Tips On How To Lose Belly Fat

Belly Fat is the ugliest thing on our body. Some refer it as a spare tyre on the waist. When we speak heath wise, it is an alarming signal for a lot of diseases including diabetes, heart attack etc. So at any cost, you need to get rid of it and thus here are 3 simple tips on how to lose excess fat.

Tip 1: Lose Fat By Drinking Lots Of Water:

Drink plenty of water as much as you can (preferably 8-10 glasses). Water is an important constituent in shaping our body. When you get dehydrated, the burden falls on liver and thus fat burning process is disturbed. So consume lots of water and avoid soft drinks and other canned fruit juices. They are simply carbonated sugar water, instead drink fresh fruit juices and normal water.

Tip 2: Lose Fat By Eating Small Meals:

Instead of 3 big meals, always have 6 small meals in a day. This increase in frequency will help you to prevent over-eating and increases the metabolic functioning of the body. Don’t have heavy meals before going to bed. Have a proper balanced cum nutritious diet filled with carbohydrates, proteins, fibre, little fat etc)

Tip 3: Lose Fat By Regular Exercise:

Burn the calories with the help of regular exercises. Normal exercise like walking, running, brisk walking, jogging, cycling and swimming are the best recommended routine exercises to lose belly fat quickly. If you are efficient in other sports and games like tennis then you can practice it regularly to burn the fat. Plan for the exercises and do it regularly. Start with 10 minutes regular exercise. Within a week, you will be able to continuously for 30 minutes. Try it; it worked for me.

Source by Cher K Markov

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