32 Humorous Tweets About “Spherical The Twist”

Spherical The Twist is the vastly superior, O.G. Stranger Issues. Change my thoughts.


@Roisin_OConnor A enjoyable sport I prefer to play is ‘was {that a} terrifying fever dream or the plot of an episode of Spherical The Twist’


will we all keep in mind around the twist the place the boy bought pregnant to a tree and gave delivery to a tree spirit by way of his mouth? cool


the australian nationwide anthem needs to be the around the twist tune or horses and I gained’t argue with anybody about this sorry


Around the Twist is the best Aussie present of all time and no I can’t be taking questions at the moment


If the Spherical The Twist theme was launched as a single it could have hit primary the world over, offered hundreds of thousands and cemented Tamsin West (reluctantly) as one of many Huge Pop Ladies of the 90s. Up there with Kylie, Mariah and Janet. Ah properly.


therapist: and what will we do after we really feel like this?

me: have unusual issues occurred, are you going around the twist?

therapist: what


Nonetheless attempting to get my head round that episode of Spherical The Twist, when Bronson will get attacked by a lake after which will get the flexibility to piss actually excessive.


Not completely throughout the difficulty however I wholeheartedly assist the ABC paying Kylie Minogue a billion {dollars} to cowl the theme from Around the Twist


Yeah intercourse is sweet however have you ever ever, ever felt like this? Have unusual issues occurred? Are you going around the twist?


Whenever you realise Nick bears an uncanny resemblance to the Dad from Spherical The Twist.



keep in mind in around the twist when bronson bought a fish in his penis that made him actually quick at swimming and he gained the college swimming comp so all the opposite children additionally bought a fish of their penis so they may compete with bronson and his fish penis https://t.co/73Yj0Vw6iC


stranger issues is simply Around the Twist filmed at night time. additionally they saved the theme tune. That is my perception


@notalwaysweak I am nonetheless not 100% certain that Around the Twist wasn’t some fever dream all Australian children had within the 90’s. It was wild yo.


@Shar_Kat_96 @robertmanion oh mannnnn i swear around the twist is that this reminiscence that i’ve simply pushed manner down in my psyche, and everytime i see that opening title sequence, i abruptly do not forget that one episode the place the fish??? swims into his dick??? like that’s legitimately all i can keep in mind of that present


does anybody do not forget that episode of around the twist the place pete pees on a tree and will get pregnant with a tree child or was that only a fever dream?


Very retro of Boris Johnson to decide on to model his hair on the traditional Around the Twist episode with all of the seagull poo, circa 1989.


I maintain remembering an episode of going around the twist the place some dude spent the episode crying that no one would bury him, what the hell :


5) The taxidermy fox that involves life in Grandad’s Items, episode 21 of Around the Twist. NOPE


OK seems to be like everybody agrees that lemon fox episode was essentially the most traumatic around the twist, though I really feel just like the merman was a contender


simply remembered that around the twist episode the place a man dispenses ice cream from his nostril


@hpgeneration I used to do a drama class taken by the dad from around the twist and LEMME TELL YOU, that man didn’t recognize RTT jokes.

That poor man was so drained.


That is the dad from Around the Twist now. Guess the present fucked him up as a lot because it fucked all of us up.


Look, If you happen to did not wish to hearken to the Around the Twist theme then you definitely should not have handed me the aux twine Sharron.


@dannolan And Around the Twist. That present taught a era of Australians to be cautious of property builders. Now we will’t afford to purchase a home 🤷‍♂️


I assumed for years that the cabbage child episode of Spherical The Twist was a really lucid dream of mine, however no, it was really actual

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