4 Creative Uses for Shoe Clips

Never mind diamonds – shoe-clips are a girl’s real best friend. Extremely versatile and transferrable between all the pairs of shoes in a wardrobe, it bring value and style that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, these nifty accessories are not limited to use on your favorite footwear.

Whether you are into bows, diamante, flowers, metal studs, pearls, ribbons or buttons, it can be added to a number of different fashion items to spice up a look. They can turn plain into glamorous and make a subtle and understated piece bold and eye-catching. Here are some ideas for alternative uses for your shoe clips.

One way to use is to add a little extra to your outfits is by attaching them to your bags. These accessories are in fact a great option for adding a touch of sparkle to a clutch on a night out – simply add a diamante shoe-clip to the edge of a clutch in a plain colour such as black, red or white for an elegant and classy look.

It can also make for an interesting feature on other styles of bags; a flower clip, a bow or a ribbon can add a girly or bohemian element to your summer beach bags. You can also make a plain black or being purse into a rebellious statement piece by clipping on a metal or studded motif such as a skull, or even attaching boot chains to your bag.

In addition to bags, it can grace your scarves with a touch of elegance and even add practical value. Instead of using a brooch to fix a scarf in place, try using it. Whilst brooches can often be formal-looking, a ribbon or beaded shoe-clip is refreshingly fun and frivolous.

Your diamante or jewelled shoe clips can create a formal look for your scarves that can easily rival that of a brooch; with many small and delicate designs available, clips can effortlessly take the place of an expensive jewellery item. It also has the advantage of not poking holes through your clothes, unlike brooches.

These are also a popular choice for accessorising hats. For special occasions such as weddings or posh garden parties, adding feather or pearl shoe clips to the band or brim of a hat or fascinator can inexpensively embellish an otherwise plain piece.

Furthermore, it can bring a summery element to casual hats such as straw and wide brimmed hats with addition of a flower, buttons or feathers. Diamante designs on a trilby can complement a classy monochrome look or add some femininity to a masculine outfit.

One final idea is to add it to socks. With socks now major fashion accessories in their own right, attaching it to the top of them is one stylish way to make more of a feature of this footwear. Try adding buttons or bow clips to long or short socks for a cute and fun harajuku-inspired look.

The versatility of it mean that you do not have to fix the decoration in place permanently and that you can move it around as much as you like until you’ve found the ideal look. This is great for those who like to experiment with their style and change up their outfits on a regular basis.

You can also save quite a bit of money – a nice pair of shoe clips is bought only once and can be switched around between your shoes and other accessories as much or as a little as you like. Next time you get out your shoe clips, let your creativity flow and see where else in your wardrobe they can be put to good use.

Source by Crisa Barriball

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