4 Underrated Soda Drinks

Do you like soda? Me too. In fact, I absolutely love soda. If I could help it, it’s all I would drink. Unfortunately, I know that I can’t do this, as it’s not exactly healthy to drink soda each and every day.

Still, I love the taste of a cool, refreshing soda and few things beat it. I’ve had many great drinks over the years. From your standard Cokes and Pepsis to more adventurous drinks, I’ve had them all. Here’s a list of four very underrated sodas that I feel should get more due. Maybe one day they actually will.

1. Virgil’s Root Beer. I’m not sure if you’ve ever had this drink. Maybe you’ve never even seen it. If you do, I insist that you try it. What a treat this micro brewed, award winning root beer is.

2. Stewart’s Cherries and Cream. This is a nice soda and it’s different from your typical cherry soda. Some people think it tastes a little like cough syrup, but I’ll have to disagree there. If cough syrup is this good, I want a cold every day!

3. Welch’s Grape Soda. This one’s been around forever and it often goes overlooked. It’s a nice, sweet tasty treat that I should remind myself to remember more often.

4. Jones Cream Soda. This is a clear soda, and its sugary goodness wins me over every time. I’m a huge fan of all Jones sodas, but I really love the clear cream soda more than any other.

Source by Patricia Fields

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