5 Plus Size Fashions to Wear

Summer fashions are back! It’s that time of year again to spruce up your wardrobe and add something trendy to your look. Here is my list of what 5 plus size fashions to wear. So mix and match so that you can discover what really works for you.

1. During those hot July days, you need to wear linen shorts. Linen is a good fabric that is cool to wear in places that is hot and humid. I checked out The Avenue and noticed some bold colors and styles that can be used with a traditional t-shirt or classy blouse.

2. A nice Boucle Jacket is something that you can use all year round. In my opinion, you need to have at least one to go with your jeans, skirts or those tailored linen shorts. Boucle jackets are available in a variety of colors and are popular. If you are a fashion diva, you can dress up your boucle jacket with decorative pins.

3. Full-figured women should try longer skirts just above the knee or just below the knee. I tend to frown on the mini skirt look because most of the time the skirt does not hang correctly. However, there are many styles for the longer skirt, such as an asymmetrical cut, open flair, or my personal favorite the ruffles at the bottom. Go crazy and add some black leggins underneath.

4. Ponchos are making a strong comeback. They were once the trend of the seventies but drifted on by the early eighties. Now everyone seems to be recreating this look. So try adding a colorful poncho over a plain black or white top. Spice things up and add a funky print to your attire. Remember, the fashion norms of the past are out-dated, you can do your own thing.

5. Flip-flops and peek-a-boo sandals rule the summer for women. I love the variety of colors you can find to match any outfit. Try to explore and find unique colors like strawberry, lime green and Caribbean blue. The peek-a-boo sandal is a little more dressy but great for any evening affair and the high wedge heel is awesome!

Source by Sophie Jaclis

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