5 Things To Watch For During The Nevada Democratic Debate

The Nevada Democratic debate has arrived and here are five things to watch for in tonight’s event.

1), Mike Bloomberg Is Now More Than An Ad Campaign

It gets real for Mike Bloomberg tonight. The hundreds of millions of dollars spent on ads become a real candidate who has to stand in front of Democratic voters and make his case for the Democratic nomination. Bloomberg will be the story tonight. His decision to get in the race late will either be a blessing or a massive blunder if he performs poorly at the Nevada debate.

Listen live to the Democratic debate preview show at 7 PM ET:

2). Bloomy vs. Bernie

The Bloomberg and Sanders campaigns have already been getting ugly with each other in the days before the debate. The Bloomberg campaign called Sanders the Trump of the left after the Sanders campaign made a false allegation that Mike Bloomberg had a heart attack.

3). What about Klobuchar and Buttigieg?

The two big rises after Iowa and New Hampshire have hit a Nevada wall. Without small rural state, white voters to play to both of these campaigns have struggled. Can they get it together and make a push to keep their campaign momentum going, or are they heading for Rick Santorum Iowa Winner Dustbin of History?

4). The Interaction Between Biden and Bloomberg

Mike Bloomberg’s rise has come at the expense of Joe Biden. It will be interesting to see if Biden joins the parade in coming after Bloomberg, or are the moderates in the race going to keep each other clean because they know that at a brokered convention, they as a combined force will likely have more delegates than Sanders and get to make a deal among themselves to choose the nominee?

5). Elizabeth Warren Needs Her Mojo Back

No candidate has fallen as far as Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She needs a good showing in Nevada because South Carolina is not looking like it is going to be a good state for her. Warren also doesn’t have the money of a Sanders or a Bloomberg. A good debate could set the stage for a good caucus showing. If neither of these happens, we could be watching the beginning of the end for Warren.

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