6 Most Expensive Tablets on Earth

Years ago, technology only released the ever bulky desktop computers. Thanks to magnificent research, however, laptops came in the picture. Then, palm computers and netbooks rose to fame. Now, the current craze in the market is mobile computers, that is, the very portable tablet PCs.

With the gradual increase in the number of tablet PCs being offered in the market today, which do you think carries the highest price tag? Technology-wise and minus the glitz and glamour of the dazzling gems, let us take a peek of the most expensive tablets in the market today:

1. iPad 2 Wi-Fi/3G: 64 GB ($829)

Apple’s iPad is definitely one of the most innovative tablet PCs currently available. The iPad 2, released after iPad 1, comes with different models and prices. But among all, the most expensive is the iPad 2 Wi-Fi/3G (64 GB memory), which is currently offered at $829. Its features include Bluetooth, camera, built-in speaker, microphone, and micro-sim card tray. iPads provide both browsing and multimedia support, showing that these devices are not only suitable for business purposes but also for entertainment.

2. Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi/3G: 32 GB ($800)

Another tablet gadget which is yet to become a subject of juicy public talks is the Motorola XOOM, the first tablet to run on 3.0 Honeycomb. This tablet PC comes with a 5 megapixel front and 2 megapixel rear-facing camera, a 32 GB local storage and a 1 GB RAM. Other key features include Nvidia Tegra 2 1.0 GHz dual core processor, 10.1 inch capacitive screen and HD video capability. This also comes with a 10-hour battery life. The tablet carries a price tag of $800. As can be seen, Motorola XOOM is the next potential rival of the iPad 2.

3. LG G-Slate: 32 GB ($750)

The unique feature of the LG G-Slate is its capacity to shoot HD videos in 3D. This is achieved through two rear-facing 5 megapixel cameras which are placed side by side. The 3D video can be played on the tablet’s 8.9 inch display with the use of 3D glasses. The tablet’s other features include 3G, Wi-Fi and 32 GB internal memory. This PC costs $750.

4. iPad 2 Wi-Fi/3G: 32GB ($ 729)

Next in line are the different varieties of iPad 2. First is the Wi-Fi/3G group, the 32 GB tablet being $729 and 16 GB being $629. The Wi-Fi only version comes in 64 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB memory, which are offered at $699, $599 and $499, respectively.

5. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer: 32 GB ($ 499)

The ASUS Eee Pad Transformer is a one-of-a-kind tablet. It comes with an optional keyboard dock which, when attached, turns the tablet to a laptop computer. In terms of specifications, this is almost identical to Motorola’s XOOM. The tablet’s 32GB model costs $499.

6. Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 inch: 16 GB ($ 469)

Samsung Galaxy is the original Android flagship tablet to flourish in the market. The new version now comes in 8.9 inch and 10.1 inch models, a much better version than the original 7 inch. Also, it has heavier features and a better operating system compared to the old one. With specs which are comparable to that of XOOM, the new Galaxy tab is offered at a price of $469.

With the fast evolution of technology nowadays, more and more tablets will expectedly be released in the market. With a wide range of tablet PCS to choose from, it is up for you to decide which will work best for your needs.

Source by Danny Mitchell Ashton

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