6 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Work Alone

1. Set a schedule. Even if you’re not a schedule-type person, it’s really helpful to have a semblance of a daily schedule. The big hope of solopreneurship is to be able to set our own hours but we will be ineffective if we wander through our days, aimless.

2. Get involved in local groups…carefully. Networking groups can be a great lead source and wonderful source of business acquaintances. Your local Chamber of Commerce can also be a good way to get plugged in to your neighborhood business network. Most if all networking groups, including the Chamber, will allow you to visit a couple of times before you commit to join. The downside of networking groups is the large fees they charge to join, plus the penalties for not referring people and having one-on-one meetings.

3. Write down at least 3-4 action steps to do daily. Do this the night before or early in the morning. Check each one off as you complete. Make sure you choose doable tasks you can complete in less than an hour or so. If you finish, make a new list and start over. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and propel you forward to do even more.

4. Know who to call on “those” days. Believe me; you will have plenty of “those” days, especially at the beginning. It’s so important to know who to stay away from and who to call during your dip days. You should develop a support team and depend on those support team members for encouragement and motivation and they on you. Constructive criticism of any kind is not allowed on dip days, just uplifting support and a listening ear.

5. Start your day with a scenic walk and/or exercise and a good breakfast. This will not make you tired. On the contrary, it will energize you for the rest of your day. You will sleep better. You might even lose weight as a result. A good, healthy breakfast will give you the brain food you need for optimal work results. Watch the amount of simple carbs you ingest because it will cause a dip in energy very quickly.

6. Celebrate successes…however small. This is so crucial to your journey. When you cross off all of your action items, when you get a new client, when you get a certain amount in your business checking account…these are just a few events that are cause for celebration. Write a list of rewards you will bestow on yourself. Perhaps a special meal or clothing item for small successes and a day trip or massage for a larger success. You know best what will motivate you to accomplish your goals.

Are you willing to pay the price that greatness requires? Staying motivated is part of that price. It just doesn’t happen on its own. It needs cultivation and nurturing. There will be “those” days but you can keep them at a minimum if you proactively pursue these six steps.

Source by Michelle L Hill

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