7 Benefits of Herbal Tea

Whether you’re losing weight or you simply want to have better health, herbal tea is good. If you find water too plain for drinking, herbal tea is a good substitute. Be sure to drink at least five cups everyday to enjoy all the health benefits. There are many health benefits for drinking herbal tea but here are top seven reasons why you should drink them:

1. To Lose Weight

Losing weight through herbal teas is a very popular topic. The reason why teas can help weight loss is mainly because they can increase your body metabolism and thus improve your cardiovascular system, blood circulation and ultimately lower your cholesterol level. In green tea there is something called antioxidant catechins and studies have shown that they help to burn fat.

2. Prevent Cancer

Did you know that the Japanese people who drink teas are less prone to lung cancer? Believe it or not, herbal tea can cure heart ailments, stroke and even prevent certain cancers!

3. Cure Stomach Disorder

If you’re suffering from stomach disorder, try drinking a cup of herbal tea after you finished eating your meal. Herbal tea can help your stomach digest the food easily by reducing the acids.

4. Better Immune System.

Herbal teas can strengthen your body immune system so that you don’t catch flu or other lung illnesses. With stronger body cells, your body will be able to regenerate and repair the damage cells faster.

5. To Reduce Stress

If your lifestyle and work is stressful, why not get a cup of herbal tea? It’s very relaxing and definitely effective at reducing stress.

6. Better Sleep At Night

Herbal teas can help induce sleep. If you are having trouble sleeping at night, try drinking some herbal teas 30 minutes before you go to bed.

7. Healthier Than Coffee

Herbals teas contain less caffeine and they are definitely a good alternative to those who are health conscious enough to want to prevent tooth decays. Did you know that teas contain some a small amount of fluoride and some certain antibiotic that can help prevent gum diseases and the formation of plaque?

Source by Rippa Sama

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