7 Essential Hair Accessories You Must Own This Summer

Summer is finally here, bringing with it the warm weather and plenty of fun in the sun. Now is the time to consider stylish and flirty hair accessories that will help take any summer outfit up a notch. An accessory can be anything from a fabulously bold headband to a cute bow, hairpin or hat. Get creative this summer with some of the following accessories.


Plenty of guys walk around with hats through the summer months, but what about hats for women? A ball cap can give a woman a laid back, yet fashionable style while a wide brimmed hat can provide both functionality along with a flirty appeal. Straw hats are always a great choice for summer, whether they are plain or adorned with bows and ribbon.


Headbands are a great hair accessory during any time of the year, especially summer. There are several styles to choose from ranging from cloth to leather. These accessories can come in solid colors, fun floral prints or bold animal prints. They can be beaded or sequined, flashy or sassy. Most importantly, a headband can pull hair away from the face.


Use a barrette or hairclip to pull sections of hair away from the face rather than all of it. Barrettes can come in a variety of sizes, styles and shapes. They are definitely flirty and fashionable during the summer months. Use a barrette to provide comfort by keeping the hair off the neck when the summer weather is hot and humid.


A scarf around the neck in the winter is typical but a silky scarf with a bold pattern worn around the head is creative. Vibrant scarves are a great way to accessorize any summer outfit. Whether dressing up for a date or simply planning a day on the beach, a beautiful silk scarf is sure to brighten up any outfit, making it pop and sizzle.

Head Wraps

Head wraps are similar to headbands, except they are usually thicker, providing more coverage to the head. These are great hair accessories for ladies that are prone to sunburns. A sun sensitive woman knows that even the scalp can be affected by a sunburn. Protect the scalp and add a sense of style to an outfit with a unique and vibrant head wrap.


Bandanas are no longer worn only by men. Plenty of women have spruced up their look with a bandana in the hair. In fact, several hair accessory providers have created a unique line of pre-tied bandanas in a variety of prints. Long gone are the basic and boring paisley prints. Instead, look for floral patterns, bold colors, or impressionable stripes.

Ponytail Holder

While ponytail holders may not seem like trendy hair accessories for the summer, they are. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and colors. A ponytail holder can be a great way to gather the hair at the nape of the neck or high on the head away from the neck. Many ponytail holders now come with beads, flowers and several other fashionable additions, which are great summer styles.

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