7 Health Benefits of Gum Chewing

Are you a gum chewer? Are you addicted to gum chewing? or are you the type that chew gum once in a blue moon? Whatever group you belong, this new discovery about the benefit of gum-chewing and a new revolution in gum production could be of help to you.

A lot of people chew gum simply for the fun of it. However, medical research has proven that gum chewing is a good means of exercising your cheek muscles. Today however, the act of gum chewing has transcended this singular advantage. Recent science discoveries is turning out to be an eye-opener to the advantages and positive effects of gum chewing. This advantages include the following.

CHEWING GUM IMPROVES YOUR MEMORY This may sound unbelievable! Yet it’s the truth. Research scientist and psychologist have come to agree that the act of gum chewing actually improves memory and enhance cognitive power. Various test carried out among students has continuously supported the fact that people who chewed gum regularly tend to perform significantly better than people who did not.

A recent research carried out at the Baylor College of Medicine involving 108 eighth-grade students of mathematics from Houston, Texas tend to support the positive impact of chewing gum. The students were divided into two groups. They were then followed and monitored for 14 weeks. Members of one of the groups were made to chew gum while doing homework and during test period in school. The members of the second group were not allowed to chew any gum.

The result was astounding. The gum-chewing group of students had a 3 percent increase in their standardized mathematics score when compared to the second group of students that were not given the opportunity to chew.

The scientific explanation for this positive result is not unconnected with the fact that the activity in the area of the brain related to memory (i.e the hippocampus) increases tremendously while people chew. The act of gum chewing also increases blood flow to the brain. This will definitely lead to an improved oxygen delivery to the brain cells which ultimately result in the enhancement of memory and cognitive powers.

CHEWING GUM HELPS TO REDUCE STRESS A high level of stress is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. Chewing a gum particularly when you are in a stressful situation is a powerful antidote for a relieve. According to psychologist and psychiatrists, chewing helps to release nervous energy and hence reduce tension. Chewing is essentially a physical activity and serves as an outlet to channel your disappointments and frustrations.

CHEWING GUM IS USEFUL IN BODY WEIGHT CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT The very act of chewing gum involves the burning of calories. It has been projected and proven that chewing gum can help the chewer to burn off about 10-11 calories per hour. The craving for high level calorie snack reduces as a result of gum chewing. When you pop a piece of gum. you keep your mouth busy and thus reduce the craving for food with higher calorie content. According to Paula Geiselmann Ph.D lead researcher and psychologist at Louisiana State University “Having something in the mouth likely calms the appetite”. There are gums specially produced to enhance this unique value of chewing gum.

CHEWING GUM HELPS TO ENHANCE ORAL HEALTH Regular gum chewing is known to prevent plaque formation on the teeth. It also freshens breath and whitens the teeth. Gum chewing stimulates saliva production. Saliva is a solution which contains a lot of buffering materials, hence it has the exceptional ability to correct a potentially harmful environment in the mouth, flush food remnants, sugars and decay-causing acids away from the mouth.

GUM CHEWING AIDS DIGESTION As a result of the flow of saliva associated with gum chewing, food digestion in the stomach is stimulated. Saliva is an alkaline substance, hence it helps to prevent reflux of acid from the stomach back into the throat.

CHEWING GUM ENHANCES FOCUS A lot of people feel more attentive and alert when they chew gum. Chewing gum can help take away the tendency for drowsiness and sleepiness. When you chew, you tend to be more awake and focused

CHEWING GUM CAN BE CUSTOMIZED TO SUIT SPECIFIC NEEDS The chewing gum is a versatile product. It can be use by manufacturers to satisfy specific need and demand of consumers. There are gums targeted and specifically manufactured to improve your health. These gums are known as stay healthy gums. Stay healthy gums are specially blended with vitamins to enhance your health and vitality. However, remember that these gums only acts as a source of mere supplements. They are no substitute for nutritious food.

Whatever you are, a normal gum chewer, an addicted gum-chewer or a once in a blue moon gum-chewer, there is definitely a unique gum for you

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