7 Steps To Free Website Traffic

A. Blogs:

Massive website traffic can be generated with the use of blogs. These days it is almost inconceivable to have a website that does not have, at least a blog. Though blogs can, and do exist on their own, the use of blogs in driving tons of traffic to a website is something not to be missed. Blogs have many uses and layouts. What they have in common is content. These contents could be text (writings), audio, video or all. Issue of content leads to the next step, which is:

B Articles:

The use of articles in generating qualified traffic would appear to be underrated, when its benefits are considered. Writing is a skill that can be developed rather quickly. From then on, the cost is time, which the article will repay over a period of time.

A well-written article will continue to work for it’s owner, attracting qualified traffic, for years.

For a small fee, a ghostwriter could be hired. Private Label Rights could be edited. Either way, as long as the end result produces unique, fresh content, producing fresh, quality articles are worth their weight in gold at bringing in targeted visitors.

C. Classified Ads

This is also usually underrated. A classified ad in the right medium, which could be on or off line can bring surprising result at generating website traffic. The key is to utilise every available means and to be consistent. If after a while, particular mediums are showing results, it helps to focus on those, and not waste time and energy on the non-productive ones. The more mediums, the better, for more exposure.

D. Links

One of the benefits of writing articles or providing unique content is that related and relevant sites link to your site. This generates website traffic. At times. an individual might do a search on a search engine. This leads to a website. At the site, the individual continues to other sites through the links that are on that site. Over time, links could bring in as much website traffic as any search method, if properly done.

E. Social Sites

Social Sites, such as You Tube, Facebook, MySpace or Squidoo are places where website traffic can be built up. It is not a secret that the use of video in presentations is growing. On these Social Networking Sites, sometimes text or audio presentation is all you need. A check would show that these sights are some of the most visited Sites on the web. Imagine the amount of website traffic that can be generated if time is taken to utilise the potential of these sites.

F. Forums

Forums exist for every segment of internet market. If such a forum does not exist, it can be created. Usually, forums take in like-minded people. If the product or service on offer solves problems and forum members know of it, you have a ready source of website traffic.

G. Search Engine Optimization

Ultimately, it would be most beneficial to generate, free website traffic. This is achieved by Search Engine Optimization, known as SEO. This article does not have in mind the full technical stuff that the experts grapple with, full time. This is talking of basic steps like ensuring that each content is optimized. This involves the use of relevant keyword, in the right quantity, at the right places. Simple steps which the experts might call on-page SEO. It also involves seeing to it that the website in use is designed from the beginning for the purpose to which it is being used.

With any method adopted, test, test and test again for best results. You may prefer one method over others. This is not bad if it is bringing results, but it is better to have a mix of methods.

Source by Matthew Shofoluwe

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