7 Tips to Learn the Art of Giving Compliments

Do you know about the art of giving and receiving compliments?

Complimenting needs to be taught and learned.

There is an art of doing everything. A girl in my friend circle is really smart and beautiful. Everyone genuinely expresses this fact to her by giving compliments. But she always takes it in the wrong manner. She always thinks that everyone is making fun of her.

Complimenting each other is truly an art that has to be practiced. Good qualities around us boost our mood by itself. Knowing that you simply aforesaid one thing nice and it created different person’s day makes you feel happy as they do. Here are some tips which can help you to learn this art:

7 Tips to learn the art of Giving Compliments:

  1. Compliment genuinely: It’s always easy to talk about the first thing you find smart in another person. You may say,” Hey, I like your dress”, or ”You look really nice today.” never offer somebody a false compliment. Always take a moment and think about what you’re going to admire before you say something.
  2. Sound Sincere: Your compliment will leave a deep effect on another person. If you have got the habit of giving compliments, that you don’t really mean, you won’t come back off as sincere and your words won’t mean something to people.
  3. Use simple Language: Speak clearly and in simple words about what you want to say. Your compliments are going to be appreciated if it’s clear what you mean.
  4. Look at the person: Just look at the other person with the smiling face. It’s always a nice idea to compliment with a smile. However, if you laugh it can be professed as insulting and may ruin the whole effect or it also can sound like you are being sarcastic. Sometimes sarcastic comments hurt.
  5. Avoid roundabout compliments: This can be the worst style of compliment what we will offer. Assume if you may say somebody like, ” You look smart in these styles of dresses.” By saying this, you may be implying that you don’t like her dresses on different days.
  6. Being Prompt: It feels real when you compliment soon after attaining an achievement. It sounds sincere. Best compliments are those that indicate someone’s success or achievements. Therefore, take the initiative soon once the events or performances.
  7. Secret Sign: Here comes a secret formula that never fails to convey an honest compliment: State the reason+ express the feeling + results of your compliment. At the initial stage, you may notice some difficulties, however, step by step with some practice, you may learn the art of giving compliments that really touch hearts.

“A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.” – Victor Hugo

Source by Deepika Singhal

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