8 Basic Body Building Techniques & Rules to Follow For Successful Muscle Building

Below are 8 basic body building techniques and rules to help build muscle mass. They are simple rules and muscle building techniques, yet you may find them hard work to follow.

Basic Rule 1. Free Weights Are Best For Heavy Sets.

Although machines may seem “heavy” they do not require the ancillary muscles as much as free weights and do not build compound mass as well.

Basic Rule 2. Do Not Isolate, Instead Use Compound Movements.

One of the most important ways to build mass muscle is how your do the exercise. If you desire hard, full bulk do not isolate. Instead, compound the use of all the muscles in the area.

Basic Rule 3. Decide Which Groups of Muscle Need More Attention.

What muscles groups on your body need more work? Once you determine these areas, when you do your workout, work on these areas first.

Basic Rule 4. Find Your Best Muscle Mass Exercises.

Experiment with different types of mass building exercises, especially if certain muscle groups are not building as desired. For example, if your legs are not growing as desired, instead of doing squats, try doing more exclusive quad exercises with leg presses.

Basic Rule 5. Use Safe Body building Techniques.

Be very careful doing your exercises. There are several exercises that pose an injury threat like heavy weight squats or flat bench presses. It may be best to avoid them altogether. You don’t want to ruin your body building program with a torn pec or slipped disc! You can always get good growth from muscle building exercises that work muscles groups evenly without stressing ligaments and / or tendons.

Basic Rule 6. Use the Right Amount of Sets and Stop Counting Exercises.

A good range of sets are between 16 to 20 per body part. Also, many successful body builders use four sets per four to five different exercises for each body part. Yet, some groups of muscles may only require one or two for a full workout. Some successful body builders like to train heavy with less reps, other like to train a bit lighter with more reps. Learn what works best for your body. For example, 10 reps of a certain weight may work well if they take you to failure.

Basic Rule 7. Check your Strength Levels.

It is a good idea to test your strength by increasing weight and maxing on one or two reps. Yet it is not recommended to do this regularly since the body can not take that type of training often. When you want to test your strength, do not go overboard with a big jump in weight. Instead add increasing weight gradually so your body will become accustomed to the change. As an example. Don’t jump from 400 pounds to 500 pounds directly. Instead, start with 445 or 465, before going higher.

Basic Rule 8. Eat Meat and More Protein.

Many experts say the best form of protein for mass is meat. Red meat has a lot of muscle building nutrients as well as fats for protection of your joints.

There you have it, 8 basic body building rules and techniques that can help you in successful muscle building. Make them second nature and you should make good gains.

Source by Sarah Anne Kenlend

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