8 Great Ideas for Karate Studio Signs

Karate studios are commonly searching for the best way to attract business and motivate new students to take an interest in martial arts, self defense, and discipline. Adding attractive signage is a great way to grab the attention of the meek and listless or energetic and undisciplined and bring them to your studio. Here is a rundown of the top 8 great ideas for karate studio signs.

Yard Signs

Using yard signs for advertising throughout your neighborhoods and around local hot spots like schools, daycares, and grocery stores is a great way to build your schools reputation and gain awareness. Include your dojo name and phone number, and the variety of classes you offer both children and adults. Make sure to list the benefits and strengths of enrolling at your martial arts studio.

Vinyl Banner

Hang a bold, demanding advertising banner over your martial arts studio to grab potential students. The forceful design, and the motivating message designed with a large font is easy to read from a distance and extremely motivating. Keep your message direct and add a motivating image. A large outdoor banner is the ideal way to celebrate a grand opening or announce a new promotion. Banners should also be used at every event. Martial arts banners are the perfect way to announce your dojo’s top students, celebrate belt testing, or promote an upcoming competition.

Wall Decals

Increase the motivation inside of your karate studio using wall decals. These fabric decals are reusable, can be cut to any shape, and are specifically designed to be applied anywhere without causing damage. Cut a reusable decal to the shape of a martial arts master or specific move and place them around the dojo walls and competitions to motivate students, teach about moves, and emphasize skill mastery.

Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl letters cut to shape of your school hours and the studio name adds a professional look to any business and is a common way to share information. You can also list your classes along the windows, like kids’ classes, self-defense, and after-school program as a way to let the community and potential enrollers know what you offer.

Vinyl Decals

Add impact to the front of your studio using vinyl decals that can be printed for a variety of uses. Vinyl decals are an adhesive material that works great for adding appeal to window and grabbing attention. They are made to go outside so they are weather proof and best with tinted windows, but can also be reverse printed for inside and cut to any shape. Custom cut a vinyl decal to the shape of your dojo emblem or create a window advertisement that lists your services in full-color.

Window Clings

Special enrollments deals and registration promotions are a great way to increase student enrollment. Add window clings that promotion your upcoming classes and promotional deals to attract new business. These are also great for special self defense classes, enrollment for an after-school program, and tournament dates. Window clings can also be used as fun and motivating decorations for classroom mirrors. Continue your wall decals into the classroom by cutting clings to the shape of martial art poses or instructions as a fun way to motivate students to check their poses.

One-Way Vision

If your studio classroom is cover with distracting windows and peeping bystanders, one-way vision is an ideal for advertising on your windows while still blocking visibility from outside. The material is solid from the outside and see through from inside, offering large noticeable advertising and privacy but still allowing in light.

Car Stickers

Let your parents and students promote your dojo using car stickers. Car stickers are a great way to brag about student activities and promote your karate studio. Car stickers can be placed on the windows of parents vehicles with the dojo name and emblem and be customized with the student’s name. This is a great way to let students spread the word about your school.

Source by Michael K Allen

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