80’s Costume Ideas: Hairstyles

Big – the best word to use when describing hairstyles during the 80’s. Hairdos stood out like no other. Before noticing the clothes of a person dressed up in the 80’s, the hair would be seen first. The style screams of attention, that was how big it was.

That was the time when people were rebellious in fashion, trying out new things in search of individuality. People experimented and did all sort of stuff to be unique. Their hair wasn’t an exception. The 80’s was a decade of curling iron, hair band, hair dyes and teasing comb. Both men and women seemed to be in a competition when sporting their hair.

Listed below are some of the most popular hairstyles:

For Women

-Hair combed smoothly from the scalp, with a parting in the middle, and pulled to one side in a big, bushy ponytail.

-Tall, spiky hair that curled at the top, could work with a variety of hair dyes.

– Big, curly hair with short, choppy fringe.

– Long, full blown hair held back by a colorful headband.

For Men

-Rocker style Mohawk where the sides are cut short while the long hair in the middle is showered with hair gels and sprays to stand tall.

– Short curly hair with perfect perms for businessmen and salesmen looks.

– Mullet hairstyle that is long at the back and short at the front and sides. The top could be spiky and the back long enough to reach the collar.

– Old school rocker type, long curly hair with a bandana.

That was the decade where the hair was styled to become frizzy, big, and wild. To get a satisfying result, back combing and a strong hold hairspray should come in handy.

These kinds of hairstyles aren’t completely gone as it had fused with the current styles, making it more fashionable and unique. Fringes come in colorful layers, and frizzy, curly hair is still a favorite hairdo.

Source by Nikki Hernandez

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