A Career in Fashion Modeling

Fashion modeling is one of the most glamorous and adventurous jobs out there. As a fashion model you will work with diverse fashion designers and brands, promoting their creations across multiple cities, and if the medium is print or online, across multiple publications. Here we talk about what it takes to make a career out of fashion modeling.

Age, Height and Physique

An average female fashion model weighs in at around 108-125 lbs, and is at least 5’8″ tall. They are also expected to be lean and long legged. For males, the average height is about 5’11”-6’2″ with a weight of around 140-165 lbs. Male models are expected to be fit, which translates to fit like Brad Pitt than Arnold Schwaneggar.

Professionalism and Attitude

You will constantly come in contact with photographers, make up artists, designers. It is important that you behave professional with everyone. A positive outlook, and a good attitude helps too.

Go-sees and Open Casting Calls

A casting call or go see is an appointment a model has with her or his clients, who may be casting directors, magazine editors, art directors, catalogue houses etc. An open casting call is a casting call without appointment, where the clients have the option to meet and check out among multiple models an agency may have sent.

Attending go sees and open casting calls, which are also known as cattle calls, is an important part of a career in fashion modeling. So be prepared for a lot of waiting and disappointment, for example on days when some other model may be preferred over you.

Modeling Agencies

Agencies or agents are an important part of the fashion industry. Agents, who work for agencies, are the ones who manage the clients for an model. Here are some of the top agencies in the US, all based out of New York: Ford, Elite, IMG, Metropolitan, Next and Boss Models.

Source by James Shiny Smith

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