A Closer Look at Modeling Talent Agencies

We are taking a closer look at requirements for models wanting to get into modeling talent agencies. Models should take note that they must look at a talent guide before they contact an agency as they sometimes have stringent requirements and with the market so competitive it is rather difficult to get in, but rest assured that once you are chosen you will have great jump start in a modeling career.

The following named modeling talent agencies are the top of glamour and fashion model market.

• IMG is located on Park Avenue South in New York and their requirements for female models age 13-21 with a height of 5’7″ to 6′ and male models age 15 and up and the required height is 5’11” and up. Applicants to IMG have to submit a clear headshot with no makeup, a full length photo and must be shot outdoors without a flash.

• Women Supreme Management is on Lafayette street in New York City and a big competitor of IMG and their ages for male and female models are 13-25 with a slightly taller height requirement of 5’9″ or taller. The applicants need to submit the same types of photos as IMG.

• Ford New York also takes models from the age 13-21 with heights of 5’9″ or taller with same photo requirements as 2 previous agencies.

There are thousands of beautiful women with a larger frame and big bone structure and they can also become well paid top models in the industry for plus size modeling. 12 Plus is a U.K. based plus size modeling agency with curvy girls. Larger girls should take note that they are always scouting for fresh new beautiful big women. Australia has Bella Model Management for size 10 – 18 fashion models and their models regularly feature on the catwalks around the world. Their requirements for their models are as follows:

• Height 5’8″ and 6’0″

• Size 10 – 18

• A clean clear skin, good teeth and hair

• Age is 16 – 32

• Models must be proportionate and usually a waist must be 10 inches smaller than hips, but they do make exceptions.

• They require 3 ¾ length photos, 3 headshots and 3 full lengths and the body shape must be clear in fitted clothing and no makeup either.

Models should always realize that a legitimate agency should be approached even if they are not amongst the top agencies as there are some rules and regulations that a legitimate agency does not have or require. Money should not be required upfront even if it sounds legitimate. A modeling agency should never ask you for nude or suggestive photographs.

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