A Day in The Life of a Hair Model

Certain professions always seem to draw a lot of interest from your average person in the street…not least when the profession involves looking gorgeous, wearing incredible clothes and make up and travelling all around the world visiting exotic places. Modelling may well be well documented in the media with shows like ‘Who Wants to be the World’s Millionth Next Top Model’ but how much do people know about the lesser known art of hair modelling?

A typical day in the life of a hair model involves much the same type of routine as a regular model; showering, putting on perfume; except when they go for photo shoots the main focus of the action is on their hair. Of course the model needs to be attractive but beautiful hair is the reason they were swept up by a company in the first place. Often a hair model doesn’t have work every day, but they will be contracted to a salon or a designer so that whenever they need to do a new style or look, they will call on the hair model to come and sit for a haircut and photo shoots.

One of the draw backs of this for the hair model is that while they may really like the fact they have a top designer doing their hair every few weeks, if they do not like the style, they are contractually obliged not to change it. Stylists will often use their professional models to try out new looks which a regular client would not necessarily think of getting, thus providing an advert for the new style.

Companies like Aussie Hair Products and Fudge Hair Products may have a large number of male and female hair models on contract all with a range of hair types so that they can pick up the phone and have exactly the type of hair and the type of look they want in front of them in no time at all. These people can also be working for other companies promoting other beauty fashion products like Calvin Klein perfume or even other fragrance and aftershave companies.

So to recap, a typical day in the life of a hair model involves very much the same as you or I, because their work tends to be regular but not often. This means they often have what they might call a ‘day job’ to subsidise their career. However, one thing they do have to do every day is take extremely good care of their hair. Irrational shaving decisions intoxicated dying experiments and sudden DIY hair trimming is a complete disaster for hair models. If you think you have what it takes, try contacting your latest salon or see about getting a portfolio made up.

Source by Sam Qam

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