A Great Haircut for Guys Is Not All That Easy

There are still many of us who think that getting a haircut is just a matter of walking into the first shop we come across and telling them to tidy your hair up, right? Wrong! Guy's hair fashion is today big business with many of us males trying to compete with the females in having the best and latest fashion on top of our heads. No matter how ridiculous they may appear to some of us, the wearers believe they look great; sad but true!

Now a true hairdressing artist will design the cut around the face and head of their clients, to ensure it is a style that enhances the overall image of the person. This isn't just about cutting hair; it involves communicating with the person who is cutting your hair. It's important to choose the right type of shop for your style.

In some places the staff may be proficient in cutting and styling longer hair, the stylist may not have expertise in working with extra short hair. Another aspect is that while a stylist in a salon will likely have more knowledge in color and styling products, an experienced barber, or hairdresser will have a volume of knowledge about cutting a wide variety of shorter and other styles.

While these may be general observations there are, in fact, some great barbers capable of cutting longer hair and there are some amazing stylists who can craft tight haircuts. The location where you have a haircut can influence the quality and price is also a consideration, with salons often charging more than barbershops.

It's stating the obvious to say that one hairstyle does not suit every guy. As you are walking around, have a cursory glance at some of the styles being worn by guys of various ages and see if you agree that it does seem they are chosen because of their fashionable popularity and not to enhance the wearer. This is something of a tragic comedy because we all want to look our best and we rely to a great extent on our headgear, including hair, to help us along.

At a top notch men's barber shop, their specialists will advise you on the best style to suit the shape of your face and help prevent you looking funnily, different. It does not matter whether your face is round, square, diamond, triangular, oblong, or any other shape you can think of.

Now some of you could be wondering what all this talk about shaped heads has to do with you, as primarily, the short, tapered and longer on top modern styles are basically a suit one suit all, type of fashion. However, it doesn't mean that just because everyone else is wearing them, its right for you. A guy's haircut involves your hair in a different and more personal experience and a fashion cut will be designed around the shape of your face, for the maximum advantage.

In effect, it's simple and an example of this styling factor is that if you have a rounder, wider face, then your haircut should be closer on the sides. It will provide the whole face with more length and balance out it out proportionately. Furthermore, a men's barber will advise a longer length on the sides and the temples, should your face be longer and squarer. In other words, there is a hairstyle to suit all faces, to make you look and feel great!

Source by Brett Kincaide

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