A Lusty Library of Art – Female Form Photography – High Fashion Statements


I paint fashion

keep a lusty library for reference

Red on my pallet

intimate glamour photography

is pinned up on my walls.

Soft, fresh, lime green leaves

trees that speak of miracles

I am just as unique.

That’s what I say when I feel lonely.

Romantic ways to propose

new dances in the air

new paintings I gather material for.

I keep a lusty library

female form photography

high fashion

women of confidence

women of intrigue

a goddess post on canvas planned.

Modern talking studio

my goals meet the day

speak back to me.

I take photos

intimate glamour photography

I always have.

Tell the others of their salvation

I am still looking for mine.

I kept it in an envelope once

inside a book

it must still be here somewhere?

Just a story to hold on to

when the lights go dim.

I am not really who I seem to be

nor are you I would suspect.

All those romantic ways to propose

tainted with selfish outcomes.

You want to own

or possess?

I groom my fallen tales well

never far from reach.

I take photographs before their recovery.

Mark the date and time.

Pay attention

lest you dine on similar skulls.

they seem to sing in the night

no matter the music is performed too late.

I’ll blend the colors in later

modulate their meanings

Not to worry

you’ll scarcely recognize yourself.

I will forever gather my images

female form photography

wild women hopefully

uninhibited fashion

I will file them

refer to them

and paint lime green leaves

to cover their dreams.


Source by Kathy Ostman-Magnusen

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