A Message for the Motivationally Impaired


"You are not lazy, you're motivationally impaired." Girl on train.

One thing I love about traveling on the train is picking up snippets of conversations. Yesterday I heard the above nugget while a group of girls were chatting amongst themselves.

I thought it was a great quote to open up my question "Is laziness permanent?"

Having an impairment can be temporary or permanent, so my idea is that laziness can be both temporary (that Monday morning feeling) or permanent (creating a habit of laziness).

If you are motiviationally impaired it suggests that something is stopping your from being motivated.

Once you can discover what that is you can lose the apathy and start getting on with it.

Getting on with it can actually be easier than discovering the source of the lack of motivation (you can see my other articles about regaining control of your life to help you with this)

If this is sounding like it could relate to you, try the following:

Start by imagining what it would be like to be motivated, you might see it as a movie before your eyes!

  • Close your eyes, what's around you?
  • How is your body positioned?
  • What are you feeling and thinking?
  • Do you like it? What feels good about it?
  • In your minds eye, imagine a line on the floor leading back to the old self, the you of a few moments ago.
  • See yourself becoming more motivated as you walk the line between then and now.
  • What action can you take to move a step closer to where you want to be?
  • When can you start this action?
  • How much do you want to change?

It can be really helpful to walk through this with someone, or record some of these points (most phones these days now have a voice recording facility)

Have a real think about this and you might get some revelations.

Source by Amie Crews

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