A new wave of anger in Georgia | Europe

Almost three decades after Georgia gained independence, protesters say free and fair elections still are not allowed.

Demonstrations broke out in the capital of Tbilisi this week after the government failed to keep its promise to reform the electoral system.

Tens of thousands barricaded the gates of Parliament, calling for an early election.

They say they were lied to and the ruling Georgian Dream party is using a broken system to stay in power.

So, could this turn into yet another crisis in this former Soviet republic? And are outside forces involved?

Presenter: Halla Mohieddeen


Ghia Nodia – Former minister of education in Georgia government

Shota Dighmelashvili – Economist and leader of the opposition social movement, Shame

And Ghia Abashidze – Political analyst who previously worked in the Georgian presidential press office

Source: Al Jazeera News

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