A folks’s agenda for a greater economic system and a greater nation

The seven-point platform is each a elementary and bold listing, starting from particular insurance policies to broad, aspirational targets:

  • COVID-19 aid that “meets the dimensions of the disaster” and immediately addresses the pandemic’s disproportionate hurt to Black, Indigenous, folks of colour and “different weak communities”;
  • Packages to place folks again to work, with a deal with transferring the economic system to scrub, renewable power—but in addition restoring and increasing employee rights, together with union rights;
  • Guaranteeing well being look after all;
  • Defending and increasing voting rights—together with proposals to finish gerrymandering and rein in company cash in electoral campaigns;
  • Attacking institutional racism and white supremacy;
  • Turning away from militarism and “limitless wars” in favor of a dedication to peaceable diplomacy;
  • Rejecting company greed and ending company monopoly. […]




“The crash didn’t trigger the Melancholy: that was a part of a far broader malaise. What it did was expose the weaknesses that underpinned the arrogance and optimism of the 1920s – poor distribution of earnings, a weak banking construction and inadequate rules, the economic system’s dependence on new client items, the over-extension of trade and the Authorities’s blind perception that selling enterprise pursuits would make America uniformly affluent.”
          ~~Lucy Moore, Something Goes: A Biography of the Roaring Twenties, 2010



Blast from the Past

On this date at Every day Kos in 2008Rick Warren Doubles Down, Accuses Critics of Christophobia:

Rick Warren is doubling down and accusing his critics of “hate-speech” and “Christophobia.”

Rachel Maddow has the video, and takes Warren to activity for the hypocrisy of claiming that it is unfair to name his views hateful whereas concurrently accusing his critics of hate speech. Furthermore, as Rachel notes, Warren flat-out lies about his feedback evaluating homosexual marriage to pedophilia and incest.

Setting apart Warren’s function as inaugural invocation speaker (for a short second), I do not assume there’s any strategy to defend what he’s now saying. I settle for the proposition that it is doable to disagree on the difficulty of homosexual marriage with out calling somebody names.

However there’s actually no comparability between homosexual marriage and incest or pedophilia, and if Warren thinks they’re equal, he is both a fan of incest and pedophilia, or he has significant issue with homosexual folks. And calling his critics “Christophobes” simply makes issues worse.

A easy apology from Warren for having made the comparability most likely would have made this entire controversy go away. However now he is doubling down, and it is simply making issues worse.

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