A Review of Joanna Chen’s Xscape Collection

Xscape Dresses, a collection of exquisite yet affordable women’s evening wear, dazzles with bright colors, sophisticated designs and sparkling details such as beads and sequins. Designed by Joanna Chen, the line features eye-catching colors and fabrics accompanied by imaginative and flattering styling. From the dramatic little black dress to a flowing full-length gown, in sizes from petite to plus, with embellishments like floral fabric, beads and sequins, and colors ranging from sapphire to bright red, the Xscape collection has appeal for everyone. Short or long, bright or black, you’re sure to be stunning and sexy in an Xscape Dress!

Fabrics and Colors

Joanna Chen’s spectacular selection of evening wear offers a variety of vivid colors in an array of fabulous fabrics.

Fabrics range from lace, taffeta, satin, knits and chiffon. Colors are chosen for harmonious impact: cheerful and bright to harmonize with the sheen of certain fabrics, quintessential black for drama, neutrals to complement the boldness of unusual designs.

Synergy means that rich pairings combine to equal more than the sum of the parts, such as the timeless look of black lace over a nude underlay, mastering illusion in a cap-sleeve dress, or the bold visual drama of white over black.

Basic Design Elements

A range of necklines are found in the Xscape collection, running the spectrum from strapless to one-shoulder to two-shoulder sleeveless to full shoulder coverage. A variety of flattering waistlines and various gathers and pleats can be found in the line.

Many dresses in the collection are at-the-knee or above. This popular cocktail-length is versatile for many occasions. For a more formal look, Xscape delivers several choices in full-length dresses. Mermaid hemlines complemented by equally creative bodices and waistlines always enchant. Several full-length loose swaying gowns are available as well.

Sophisticated Designer Details

Beyond the variety of basic design elements, dresses by Xscape go a step further to explore originality in other imaginative ways. You will find beaded appliques and sequins embellishing necklines and bodices. A bouquet of fabric roses serves as both function and floral form in a number of their one-shoulder dresses. Smart and simple styles in basic black are also prominently featured.

A term called “ruching” is a recurring word found in the descriptions of many Xscape dresses. It is a technique of gathering fabric which serves multiple purposes: it adds visual interest to the garment by creating an imaginative 3-dimensional wave-like look, and strategically placed it is flattering to the figure in that it favorably highlights and accentuates your natural curves.

The One-Shoulder Dress

Xscape features a number of distinctive one-shoulder dresses, which blend the sensuality and sophistication of a strapless with the wearability of a more supportive style. Floral features, beads or sequins frequently embellish the strap, making it look more like fabric jewelry than a necessary supportive feature.

Among Xscape’s many one-shoulder wonders: the beaded shoulder and asymmetrical draping of hot royal blue chiffon in a cocktail-length dress, and a flatteringly ruched waistline balanced on the opposite shoulder by a draped “batwing” sleeve which defines a shiny gold cocktail-length dress.

Petites to Plus Sizes

The Xscape collection features several dresses in plus sizes, making beauty accessible to all shapes. Petites will also find several offerings in their sizing.


Most regular prices range from $150 to $200, so you do not have to sacrifice your wallet for the beauty of an Xscape dress.

Source by Liz Baumann

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