A Simple Guide on How to Wear a Skinny Tie

Noticed in the latest men’s fashion magazines are hot and gorgeous male actors sporting a skinny tie. This thin necktie has now become a modern fashion trend that gives men a polished yet cool look. But this particular tie isn’t easy to wear; it can make you look cool and trendy, but it can also make you overly cool bordering pathetic. Here are some tips on how to properly wear a skinny tie.

Since this is a “skinny” tie – meaning it is thin, it is definitely not for the office. Skinny ties are classified as fashion ties so formality is less. Another no-no is an overly skinny tie worn by a muscular, jock-type man. Such body size will overemphasize the slimness of the tie making the wearer look shabby. Fashion considers balance and proportion if not symmetry.

A solid or patterned skinny tie is best paired with a classic solid-colored button down shirt. You can wear a patterned shirt with a printed tie too but make sure that the look is subtle and the prints or colors are not too bold and loud.

For a more laid back and casual look, wear a thin tie with anything as long as it is collared. Roll the sleeves or match it with a vest, a skinny tie paired with a collared shirt is casual dressing. Be sure that the shirt is collared as you will look extremely shabby with a tie and a t-shirt.

You can also pair your skinny tie with a suit. Wear it just like how you wear a usual necktie. A black tailored suit and black thin tie worn with a crisp white collared button down look hot and trendy.

Whichever manner you prefer to wear it, the length of a skinny tie should be directly above the waistline or the belt. It should not be higher than three inches above the belt and lower than the belt or the waistline. Skinny neckties are available in solid colors, patterned ones, and pointed and square-ended versions. There is a wide variety of them at youthful dress shops than in your traditional department stores but the best place to find a good variety is in online stores.

Source by Alain Picard

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