Adam Schiff Just Made Republicans Cry With The Facts

Republicans howled on the House floor after Adam Schiff called them out for refusing to address any of the facts surrounding Trump’s impeachment.

Schiff said:

I heard some of my colleagues in a row now, and it’s interesting to see how very few of them want to address any of the facts of the president’s misconduct. Nor do they wish to defend, nor do they wish, apparently, madam speaker, I struck a nerve.

Nor do they wish to defend a president that would ex-sort an ally with whole military aid to help him cheat in an election. They don’t want to defend that conduct. So instead they say all Democrats really want to impeach the president or Democrats don’t like the president. But what they can’t say is this president’s conduct was ethical. What they can’t say is that this conduct was legal. What they can’t say is this president’s conduct was constitutional. What they can’t say is the president upheld his oath of office. They can’t say that.

All they can say is we don’t like the process or our colleagues are just too happy to impeach. Or — or it’s overturning the will of the public when it’s a Republican president. Interestingly, my colleagues who supported the impeachment of Bill Clinton did not think it was overturning the will of the people. Apparently this impeachment provision only overturns the will of the people if it’s a Republican president.

I would like to give them more credit than that. What is the disfunction? Here is the seriousness of the conduct. This remedy was put in the constitution for a reason. It’s not an unconstitutional remedy. It is part of the constitution. The only way you can conceive of this remedy as being unconstitutional is if you believe as the president does that he is the state. That anything that opposes him, opposes the state, is by definition anti-constitutional. But that, of course, is nonsense. But it is more than nonsense. It is dangerous nonsense.


Chairman Schiff was correct. Republicans have been avoiding the facts all day. The only thing they can do is repeat Trump’s ramblings and scream sham. It has been a pathetic display that showed how the Republican Party has turned into a mindless cult that exists only to repeat the mantras of Donald Trump.

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