Adam Schiff Obliterates Trump’s Call For An Investigation Of Him

After Trump accused Adam Schiff of being the leaker of the Sanders/Russia briefing, Chairman Schiff destroyed Trump.

Trump told reporters, “I have not been briefed on that at all. Nobody told me about it. They leaked it — Adam Schiff and his group, they leaked it to the papers as usual. They ought to investigate Adam Schiff for leaking that information. He should not be leaking information out of intelligence. They ought to investigate Adam Schiff.”

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff responded on Twitter:

Chairman Schiff was correct. Trump is floating a false claim distraction. The President is doing everything that he can think of to take attention away from the fact that Russians interfered for him in 2016. He tried to get Ukraine to interfere and help in 2019, and the Russians are interfering for Trump in 2020.

Trump’s call for an investigation into Schiff is another attempt by the president to pass the blame for his own behavior on to his opponents.

Nobody is fooled the real criminal who is soliciting election interference from Russia is Donald Trump.

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