Affirmations – Putting Emotion in Your Words

It is true; affirmations are just sentences with a positive slant, just words. On their own they can do little to change your life. Power, life transforming power, becomes embedded in affirmations when you add emotion while you are saying them.

Words are words, but emotion is energy and our Universe operates on energy. It is the energy behind our words that gives life to affirmations and sets them in motion to manifest. One of the main pitfalls people run into when saying affirmations is that they are saying a sentence they do not believe in and thus do not put emotion into. The goal is to feel your affirmations as if they were already true. Here are the three reasons that emotion is absent from affirmations and the remedy for each:

  1. Existing beliefs conflict with the affirmation. When you affirm, “I am a millionaire!” while believing “There is not enough to go around.” it can be impossible to feel like a millionaire. You would actually be manifesting more lack because when you say your affirmation with a conflicting belief, the automatic reaction is to think that the affirmation is false which is usually accompanied by a feeling of hopelessness.

    The fix here is to work on the conflicting belief first. First, pay attention to how you feel when you say your desired affirmation. If you feel hopeless or sense a conflict, explore that feeling until you come up with the belief that is the root cause. When you have identified that belief, create an affirmation to address it. From our example above, if you believe that there is not enough to go around an effective affirmation would be “I choose to believe in abundance.” Once you have addressed your conflicting belief your mind will open up to believing all sorts of new and exciting things.

  2. Doubt. If you doubt that saying affirmations will change your beliefs, habits, actions and life, it can certainly be hard to feel emotion while you say them.

    To address this, read as much as you can about the power of your mind and affirmations. Say your affirmations right after you have finished reading something particularly inspirational or motivational. You will find that your excitement over reading the possibilities related to the potential of your mind will carryover while you say (and feel) your affirmations. I highly recommend, “You can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay.

  3. You are not quite there. You may be close to believing you affirmation, but it is a bit of a stretch. You may not have a conflicting belief, but it is hard for you to imagine and feel that truth in your life at this moment.

    In this case, adding the words “choose” or “accept” to your affirmations can soften them enough to make them 100% believable in this moment. The affirmation “I am abundant.” would become “I choose to be abundant.” or “I accept abundance into my life.”

My last tip for adding emotion to your affirmations is to smile! Works every time.

Source by Danea Horn

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