Almonds for Health and Weight Loss

Many people believe that it is only fruits and berries that will be effective in a weight loss plan. Most people aren't aware that you can eat almonds to lose weight. People seem to think of the almond only around the holidays but it is a much more important component to a balanced diet and a weight loss program to be relegated to only that time of year.

Proof You Should Eat Almonds For Health and Weight Loss

A study done by the International Journal of Obesity proved that a diet containing almonds was more effective in helping people lose weight than a diet plan that did not include almonds. The study also suggests that all calories are equal. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fat and the body cannot fully absorb monounsaturated fats. Also, the almond contain fiber and fiber is not as easily digested and absorbed so your body needs to put more work into processing the almonds which makes your body burn more calories. This is an important aid to losing weight. Another important component of almonds is protein and when coupled with the fiber the almond is not only a very healthy food item but an important component in any weight loss plan.

As I stated above the almonds contain fiber and protein but they do not contain cholesterol. There is a direct relationship between almonds and cholesterol. Everyone is concerned about cholesterol and how the foods they eat affect the LDL (bad cholesterol), well almonds do not contain any cholesterol so, once again they bring an important component into your life The immediate effect of having no cholesterol is that, when almonds are a part of your diet plan, you are helping your heart to be healthier and stronger. Another powerful element within almonds is magnesium. Magnesium is often overlooked but it helps strengthen the heart and muscles .. The tiny almond provides even more health benefits in that Vitamin E and several antioxidants are also present. Vitamin E is used by your body to make strong teeth and bones.

In an experiment conducted by the US City of Hope National Medical Center two groups of people were put on a weight loss plan. One group consumed almonds as part of their plan and the other group did not. The group that consumed the almonds lost about 18% of their weight. (To accelerate the effects of almonds combine eating almonds with a low fat diet.) Another startling result was that the people who consumed the almonds had a waist reduction of approximately 14% while the people who did not consume the almonds had a waist reduction of only 9%.

By now you must be asking yourself, 'How many almonds do I need to eat every day?' You can use a simple 'rule of thumb' which is for a snack you should eat approximately 15 – 20 almonds, Make sure you eat dry roasted, unroasted or raw almonds. If you want to replace a meal with just almonds then you must consume approximately fifty almonds. Almonds are convenient in that they have a long 'shelf life' and are easy to package and take with you. Take a zip lock bag and put in a day's supply of almonds. This should easily fit into a pocket or a purse. If you keep the almonds handy you will not be tempted to find a snack that wouldn't be as healthy. Almonds can, in a pinch, be eaten instead of a more 'normal' breakfast but don't make this a part of your normal morning routine because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you have to miss breakfast the almonds will provide you with even nutrients and energy to get your day started.

Everyone wants an easy diet to lose weight fast and I hope you can see that almonds and weight loss go hand in hand but never lose sight of the fact that any diet will have some drawbacks. Make sure that you eat well balanced, nutritious meals and incorporate the almond in a reasonable and healthy manner. Make sure that you find and easy diet to lose weight fast and when you do this and incorporate moderate exercise you will find that eating almonds for health and weight loss is a great way to get healthy, and feel great.

Source by Jim Cooper

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