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We all have our respective signature that we almost do on a regular basis, sometimes writing a check, self-attesting our documents, while receiving parcels or couriers and many alike scenarios in our day to day life. But it takes a lot of dedication, discipline, honing of talent, struggle, perseverance, the grit to turn the tables around to convert that signature into "an autograph." Yes, indeed the journey of an autograph has always been very intriguing, interesting and above all 'inspiring'. In today's visual world where images are capturing the eyeballs of the on-looker, the hobby of collecting a handmade "autograph" has its own space and charm.

I still remember quite clearly when one of my friends yelled at me like a roaring lioness when by mistake i broke her priced possession a coffee mug autographed by her all-time favorite cricketer brett me. She was into a sorrow lane for a couple of days and still misses that cup whenever she sips up her coffee. It's not like she was obsessed with that cup but I guess it was only a medium to have a forever connection with her favorite cricketer (to be honest her teenage crush) also it was even more than a cup, it was all about that moment when She after so much struggle, beating the rest of fan following reach out to him and managed to get it autographed. WOW isn't it crazy? No for someone like her it's a passion to collect "autographs" of her favorite celebrities from different spheres of life. Be it cricketers, authors, artists, fashion designers and what not. In my view these celebrities or even when they become legend lives in heart and souls of their fans and admirers. The admirers enjoy the vicinity and aura of their favorite celebrating and at times hug, kiss, or just touch them, but some are just purely passionate about their stylish "autograph." It's like a dream-come-true moment for them and they on the top of the world in that precious moment with their favorite stars.

Apart from collecting autographs just as a hobby it could draw a huge amount of money too whenever there is an auction depending on whose autographs you have as a collection. Often signatures frequently go for several hundred to several thousand dollars in the international market. However, collectors must be aware of the forged signed autographs though it's quite difficult for an amateur collector to differentiate forged from authentic autographs for this graphologists (the autograph scientist) could be consulted who spend time in studying and analyzes the original authenticity for a particular autograph . So it clearly shows the importance of autograph in writing and understanding the history, the bygone era. Autographs too like faces reveal quite interesting points about the inner personality of a famous celebrity, star, singer, politician or alike. So, in a nutshell, an autograph collection is an educational fun and a great stress buster too.

The autograph connects the collector and celebrity in an instance so one needs to keep few things in mind while collecting autograph. Start exploring more about the personalities so as to keep your hobby more interesting and fun-filled. Try to find newer ways to get your favorite star autograph. You could develop your own auto-books too.

Points to be remembered:

– Handle with care your collection. Do not smudge or fold.
– Maintain a book or a folder with transparent sheet holders. This best suits as you can insert every autograph separately with the photograph of your celebrity.
– Ensure non-exposure to sunlight as the autographs may fade away.
– Proper documentation of the name, date, location, time, background, how has the celebrity impressed you and some details of the moment spent with the celebrity can be written in the folder

The autograph collection is a wonderful hobby with memories of meeting the celebrity and getting nostalgic. Be explorative as the autograph collection is also about feeling good and having that sense of achievement of having met the celebrity and obtained their autograph. It's about gaining inspiration and preserving the history, it's a legacy of its own. Cherish each one of them.

Source by Mohini Sharma

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