An Overview of 6 Popular "Superfoods" and Their Scientifically-Proven Effects on Hair and Skin

We all have heard the saying “beauty starts from within”, though it still stays true. There are some other things, which we can do to improve the beauty and look of our skin. Like including superfoods on your diet or using the oils extracted from these superfoods on skin. It goes without saying that superfoods are natural and rich in nutrients. Many of them are grown all over the world. Here we have sorted out a list of 6 superfoods that can do wonders for your body skin and promote hair growth. Of course there are more than these 6 superfoods capable of providing all the above mentioned benefits, but this is just a starting guide on some of the world’s most nutrient rich superfoods.


This tops the list due to its high biotin and protein content. Previously known as ‘miracle bean’, soybean is rich in fiber too. It is the presence of amino acid called glycine which is responsible for the presence of protein content in soy. Soybean oil is mainly preferred as a vegetable oil for cooking. Even though they can be consumed in boiled or roasted form, most of the time soy is transformed into variety of other foods. Soy milk is another form of soy, which helps to meet the protein needs of our body. Soy is also considered as a meat substitute for vegetarians.


Egg is considered as a super food mainly due to its ability to improve health and sort out issues related to obesity. The eggs are rich in protein and choline. A bit unfamiliar choline is a water-soluble essential nutrient for the body. The yolk and whole eggs supply adequate amount of protein, which can help you achieve healthy hair. The commonly used eggs are of duck, hen, and goose. These are not only used for internal consumption but also used as an important ingredient for hair spa packs. This helps to nourish hair to a great extent. After putting hair packs, make sure you wash with shampoo to prevent stinky smell.


These green leafy vegetables grow up to about knee length from ground. They can act as a great boost for hair growth and cell growth. As it is rich in vitamins, proteins and antioxidants they have a wide variety of health benefits. Regular intake of Spinach rich foods are found to prevent the risk of prostate cancer. The skin tone and texture can be improved by including spinach regularly in diet. Remember Popeye, the sailor man, who loves to eat spinach? Though we can’t see his hair, most probably, he would have grown some in due course…

Aloe Vera

Rated as one of the most important herbs for glowing skin and healthy hair, they are also grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. Take a bunch and cut it into small pieces. Extract the juice from these and serve it once a day. This effect will lead you to be a princess in Disney land with such skin tone and thick lustrous hair growth. This herb, which has over 75 nutrients and other vitamins proves to be a great remedy to soothe sunburns also. Aloe Vera’s soothing and healing properties are effective in the treatment of digestive disorders.


An excellent fruit for healthy skin and hair, this yellowish-green oval shaped Mediterranean fruit has amazing health and cosmetic benefits. They contain anti-aging antioxidants, that can make you look young even in late thirties. For the ones suffering from cracked heel, regular use of olive oil can turn your heels super smooth and soft. Applying warm olive oil to the scalp increases blood flow thereby allowing more oxygen supply to the hair follicles for adequate hair growth. It also makes the skin smoother and softer by effective cleansing of outer skin.


Avocado fruits are extracted from avocado trees. Seen mainly in Mexico and other parts of America, their growing popularity makes people from different parts of the world to cultivate them. They are rich in healthy fatty acids and calories thus making them a perfect food capable of reducing the level of cholesterol and potential risks of heart diseases and cancer. Apart from that, they are also found to reduce weight because of the fiber presence. The oil is extracted from avocado fruit is found to have many health benefits especially on hair and skin.

Source by Deepu Bhagyanath

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