An Overview Of Modelling Chocolate For UK Cake Makers


Lots of people in the UK watch popular cake making TV shows – and many will want to try and recreate some of the amazing cake designs. A big problem is when it comes to obtaining or making modelling chocolate for creating figures. A main ingredient used in the typical recipe is unavailable in the United Kingdom.

Modelling Chocolate.

Modelling chocolate or “Chocolate Clay” is an edible food, and works exactly as the name suggests – it allows the user to use it like a clay – A Chocolate clay that can be made into figures and once allowed to dry, remains in the fixed position, and can be eatten!

The main recipe used to make modelling chocolate on the TV, and in the USA is either: milk chocolate, white chocolate, and corn syrup.

These 2 basic ingredients: “chocolate and corn syrup”, will leave UK cake makers annoyed, and baffled to why their modeling chocolate never works.

The main problem is Corn Syrup – this ingredient, despite being very popular in the USA is a very niche product in the UK, and very hard to buy in shops. It can be obtained online – but even if you obtain the corn syrup – you also have to cope with this problem…

UK chocolate is VERY different from that available in the USA. UK chocolate is sometimes referred to as “vegolate” by the EU as it contains such a low quantity of the actual ingredient that makes chocolate -chocolate. Chocolate from the USA does not suffer from this problem. This means 100g of american chocolate contains a much higher quantity of chocolat than the UK product.

The UK Modelling Chocolate Recipe.

Without any more explanation, this is the recipe you should use if you live in the UK and want to make modelling chocolate or chocolate clay.

  • 100g of Tesco Own brand white/milk chocolate. (UK chocolates vary – this is the exact one tried and tested) Any brand will work – but the amount of syrup will need to be changed to suite the cocoa content.
  • 50g of Tate and Lyle golden syrup.


  • Step 1: Heat the Syrup for 30 seconds in the microwave. It will turn very runny.
  • Step 2: Crush the chocolate into as small chunks as possible – consider blending into a powder.
  • Step 3: In short microwave bursts – melt the chocolate until there are no lumps
  • Step 4: Reheat the syrup for 15seconds, and then pour into the melted chocolate.
  • Step 5: Mix the ingredients until they form a ball. The sides of your dish will clear, and then pour the lump onto silver foil and put into the fridge. It will look oily but it is fine. Do NOT mix once the ball is formed, otherwise the ingredients will start to separate and you will have wasted your chocolate. Leave for a couple of hours.
  • Step 6: The chocolate will turn hard. Break off the amount you want to use, and knead it back into soft clay.

Tips: Avoid Water – Anywhere. The chocolate will react to it! Make sure your hands are dry and cold. Too hot and the chocolate will melt too fast.

Remember: Modelling Chocolate is very oily – if it seems really greasy while you are using it – that is normal. You must take breaks when the chocolate starts getting too hot.

Source by Amy Leigh Parker

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