Anti-vaxx Chronicles: Unvaccinated, unafraid, unbelievable

Fb is a menace. COVID-19 is a menace. Conservatism is a cesspool. Collectively, these three substances have created a poisonous stew of malevolent dying and devastation. We are able to discuss all these issues within the summary, take a look at the numbers and statistics, and catch the occasional whiff of seditionist right-wing rhetoric. However I hadn’t actually absolutely understood simply how horrifying that mixture of right-wing extremism, Fb, and a killer virus was till I turned an everyday on the Herman Cain Awards subreddit. This series will doc a few of these tales, so we’re conscious of what the opposite aspect is doing to our nation.

At this time’s cautionary story is Tommy.

I appeared it up—it’s Helga Goebbels with Hitler. It’s becoming that it was her father, Joseph, who famously stated, “In case you inform a lie sufficiently big and maintain repeating it, individuals will finally come to imagine it.” 

This widespread right-wing meme is top-five most silly. They arrive so shut to getting it. So shut!

Why aren’t we giving freely free insulin and chemo? As a result of assholes like these guys vote in opposition to candidates who would vote for common well being care. They suppose they’ve a “gotcha”—as a substitute, they betray simply how mind-numbingly silly they’re. 

Tommy actually had a Pelosi obsession.

Nobody says they don’t have a proper to fly their racist treason flag. It simply reveals who they’re. 

For instance, the LGBTQIA+ neighborhood by no means enslaved a whole race of individuals, then waged a conflict of secession in opposition to the nation for outlawing proudly owning individuals as property. One way or the other, they managed to keep away from doing something like that.

Did I point out racist? 

Let’s see …

COVID-19, as in 2019. Who was president? Donald Trump. Financial system? 

2020 appeared fairly depression-y. Who was president? Donald Trump. “Race riots”? Black Lives Matter protests occurred principally underneath Trump. And fuel traces? What fuel traces? You imply the dumbfucks who have been putting gas into plastic bags due to the fuel pipeline hack—the identical one which didn’t really result in any shortages? 

It’s at all times projection with these individuals.

Wings? Angel? This hateful, rancid asshole? COVID-19 didn’t care about his white privilege card, and if there’s a heaven, I actually hope it doesn’t both. 

The worst half about that is that COVID-19 doesn’t kill anybody in someday. This man ran round city with no masks infecting who is aware of how some other individuals, in all probability complaining about “allergic reactions,” earlier than taking himself to the ER method too late for any efficient therapy. 

He exited himself from the citizens; good for him. It’s the inevitable path of illness he left behind him, to not point out his contributions on Fb convincing individuals to chuckle at this pandemic relatively than taking it critically and taking simple countermeasures (like masking and vaccinating) that’s the actual tragedy.

Greatest I can say about Tommy is that he didn’t clog up a hospital mattress for lengthy.

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