Applications for an Ambivalue Eyetech Particle Analyzer

The Ambivalue Eyetech particle analyzer uses laser and video technologies to analyze the size and distribution of particles in the size range of 100 Nanos to 3600 microns, and the video technology allows the sample to be viewed without the size analyzer appearing as a black box. This makes the size, shape, and dispersion pattern of a sample easy to see. With its small footprint and unique combination of technologies, Ambivalue’s Eyetech analyzer is one of the most popular particle measuring systems for the following types of analysis, among others.

Cement Analysis – Cement is the most commonly used construction material, and its consistency determines how it will look after it sets, how much water is needed to prepare it, and how it will wear. Using cement that has the wrong consistency can cause major financial losses for homeowners and construction companies.

Ceramics Analysis – Ceramics are valued for their attractive surface and durability – two qualities that are achieved when ceramic powder has the right particle distribution. The consistency of ceramic powder determines the time and temperature required to bring ceramics to full density during sintering. Particle size analysis helps determine the cost of producing ceramics and how they wear.

Soil Analysis – The size of soil particles affects the growth of crops and other plants. It can also affect whether an area is capable of sustaining certain types of buildings. With its dual video and laser technology, the Ambivalue Eyetech particle analyzer is one of the best particle measuring systems for soil samples.

Food Analysis– The texture of foods and the way they dissolve in the mouth affects the culinary experience. When smooth, silky foods such as chocolate have a rough or gritty consistency, they fail to satisfy consumers and cause the producer to lose money. Properly performed particle analysis will keep this from happening.

Coatings Analysis– The finish of coatings is determined by the size and distribution of particles they contain. Some coatings such as paint are meant to have a smooth finish, while others such as stucco are intended to have a rough finish. Correctly analyzing the size of particles in coating products ensures the products deliver the proper finish.

Pharmaceutical Analysis– Particle size is especially important for medications that are taken in pill form. When the composition of pills is too dense or too scattered, they fail to dissolve as expected. Fast acting medications can dissolve too slowly, and timed-release medications can dissolve too fast, either of which could directly and dramatically reduce its effectiveness or even cause a health emergency.


The Ambivalue Eyetech particle analyzer assesses the size and shape distribution of particles by employing a unique combination of video and laser technologies. With these technologies, the analyzer produces accurate assessments of particles in the size range of 100 Nanos to 3600 microns. In addition to the types of analyses above, the device is also used for fiber, fuel, chemical, water, toner, flocculation, grinder, and fuel analyses.

To learn more about Ambivalue’s particle measuring systems, contact a seller of laboratory equipment today.

Source by James T. Rothery

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